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Tim Gunn Stops By to Talk Coronavirus Couture and More



You know what I was wondering I was. I've never seen Tim Gunn anything but at three piece suit. What is he wearing during Clinton and of course I have elevated what I've been wearing because I was walking around in pajamas and a robe for days and then I put on real close and it was horrifying? I understand the comfort trap that people fall into because when I put on real close I felt as though I was wearing a wet suit so tight and constraining and I thought this is awful. I thought no no get dressed more often. You GotTa do it. My body rejecting anything but cotton like surviving on any like nobody's. We're not doing it today. Will you know what my buddies doing? My Body's turning into a fat alcoholic with bad posture. Ask how much wine have you gone through this? It's more about how much Jin is a knee. If it's Martini Martini Martini. You would be a GIN Martini. Dry Guys Tim. Look Sixty years on project runway and win. I heard making the cut. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I was I. This is going to be another project runway. We already had project runway but this show is extra special making the cut. Wasn't your thing to make it something bigger than just a design show. Oh we'll just hiding and I had this vision for a long time and owing to the success of project runway. No one wanted to tamper with the format. So we were. We were at a loss. We were at sea so when the show was going to another network Heidi and I- caucus and said this is our opportunity. Let's shop this. Let's see if there's any interest and we had a lot of interest but Amazon Prime Video Jennifer sulking in her team. I mean they. There was no contest where we wanted to be and Anza of course in addition to supporting the global aspect the branding aspect the travel aspects. Suddenly we have this opportunity to have the show shovel and it's just staggering. That was the thing I did Mike about project when I was like all. These books are so amazing. But a can you make them ready to wear and be. Where can I ever get them? You could never find the pieces but you guys do it. And you can click your remote control in by the winning BSB exactly. And they're selling out in twenty four hours and Amazon's giving the designer of each look a hundred percents of the

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