Halle Berry? Hallelujah. - burst 64


Get you on my side. Yes I'm like Halle Berry. Come join me. Boo like we can rule this kingdom together. Now that's an act like a very interesting super villain back story that's fantastic. Yeah exactly exactly. Yeah it's always so disappointing these superhero movies though when like the women. Superheroes can't do anything like they always get busted. You know what I mean your appointment powers. What's the of all that painful transformation giving up your old life? When a barely comes down really could see anything in a one to one fistfight. You know what I hate. I hate generic action setting finale. I hate warehouse showdown Like I know we're supposed to be in an office building but this looks no different for me to me. Then leg yield dockyard shootout adds a bad line. That is a bad line. Abs OF STEEL. She was like I'll be fine. Yeah where was that? Whip hiding where was that? What the whole time also from a physics standpoint her being able to fling net thing around like that makes no sense. I agree like she'd be hitting the ceilings and the walls and the pill it just. Oh my God oh Sharon no now now sharing sharing. It's like I would rather die than live with. Have you ever seen that before in your life? I have not being in the air. It was a real person says oh I bet this whole time he useless. He's useless funny. He got up to her apartment in in like two seconds. Save for the first time and now it takes twenty minutes to get up there and to help her. Fight shared stowed. Oh He's just GonNa put them all on her.

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