Eli Manning sends message to health care workers at New York hospital amid coronavirus pandemic


The corona virus pandemic impact continues to be felt around the globe in far more ways than it is in the world of sports but there are a lot of stories of athletes and organizations who are pitching in to help those in need during this time A. B. C.'s taught it has more every morning the head of New York Presbyterian provides a live video link to the hospital system of more than forty seven thousand employees one briefing this week featured former New York Giants quarterback Eli manning we cannot thank you enough I want you to know how much we all appreciate what you're doing and Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel purchased five thousand protective masks from Bauer the company that switch from making hockey equipment to producing medical face masks are healthcare heroes continue to fight the fires had on I cannot thank them enough for their continued dedication in western New York and across the entire country Todd at ABC sports

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