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Where Will Cam Newton Land?


Another quarterback that's out there that hasn't found a home that I'm surprised by that the charge and go get is gather your teammates with cam Newton how do you feel about what it will what do you think I think cam Newton is about to really dominate somewhere but it seems like there's potentially no suitors for the guy what the hell's going on there I I think it's a bad timing thing right like there you know if everybody would know that cam Newton was going to be a free agent when they ought when the market opened up I think he's gone first day right but the fact that nobody knew Caroline was like always will be our quarterback and then on a random Tuesday they signed teddy Bridgewater like the second day of the trip three eighty is the advice I woke now next you know can't do you go see a trade war everybody knows there's no trade value because it I won't give up anything that you know you're not gonna keep both these guys we know you're going to release them in another week and now everybody's on their quarterback we know that Miami wants to go young they're going to draft charges they're definitely going to draft a quarterback and they have Tyrod Taylor to stand going to be so where's the fit like you will need the quarterback Cincinnati has any dog just sitting over there but we all know they're going take Joe burrow so what is the fifth I'm looking forward to a camp going to do I think this is uncomfortable position for camp but I think just like camp done is every every part of his life he's always just kind of figured it out and became it became a star just like everything else and I think at some point he's probably going to maybe have to take up a role as a backup guy like Taney deal did knowing that Hey I'm coming here to compete and eventually it which is going to take a really strong locker room hi who's going to be able to take take a lot more more we can't Nunez like possible that backup quarterback waiting right yeah like who's gonna be the star quarterback that's comfortable with that right that's another conversation yeah because you got the quarterbacks wide will get more interview opportunities and is going dressed better than the starting quarterback is gonna be bigger stronger on all these other things like that's a really tough spot to be fourteen to bring in somebody as well so I think that's also playing a part of it is well is that how can we take this on and not looking still look like we're confident in the guy that we have but we're gonna bring in cam Newton anyway and this is not Camdenton is nothing like Tim TiVo I intend to vote there's nothing like Colin Kaepernick but this is the conversation that was happening about all the your backup quarterback came a massive distraction for your team because the quarterback room the quarterback position is a big deal if you have somebody in a room that's a distraction to your team whether it's tam calling then candidate might say because he's a massive personality and very good at football we go to football having that'll be a potential distraction he could see how teams would be like at we're not we're not we can't put ourselves in that

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