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Mastering the Menopause with Emma Bardwell



We're GONNA be talking today about menopause which is a topic that probably we talked enough about until it happens to US often. Vet Light you pelvic floor or things that until you have to get to know it. You don't speak our set so I felt like let's just start off with. What is menopause for those the Dayton Yup absolutely? So you're right. It's not talked about and it's particularly not talked about. I think for younger women such as yourself so in a nutshell it is when your period stops Meno poor say menstruation Meno pause stop. The average age is fifty one. And it's usually a kind of natural part of aging Bart for some women. It might occur earlier and that might be because of genetics or it might be because of surgery and how about Peri. Menopause is at the stage leading up to us yet so paramount applause is actually probably the most important bit of the journey. I think because that's when all the kind of symptoms tend to rare and it can be quite a long journey actually for lots of women. I think there's this real kind of misnomer that it happens in your fifties and it happens overnight whereas actually that lead up that parry menopause can last up to a decade island and I always women often particularly younger. Women feel really kind of freaked out by that so I think it's really important. We don't WanNa kind of catastrophe is it. It's a totally natural part of aging. It happens to every single woman but yet I think it's really important that we are prepared and more interested in that way we kind of dive. Deep into the subject could question. I think because I realized through my own journey. There's a real lack of evidence based information out there so there's lots of women who have been through the journey and so therefore kind of thing that they know everything about it but actually there's a lot of misinformation so I think it's really important for women to get their information from experts. You know people who are actually qualified and also I think women are really underrepresented when it comes to kind of health particularly things I research. There's not enough research being done so I think there's a lot of women floundering. It can be really isolating menopause. I just wanted to kind of turn on its head. I wanted to support women and I wanted women to realize that it's not kind of game over. It's very much a time to be kind of embracing the fact that you've reached this life stage because it's a real privilege to age to get to that point absolutely. I'm touting thirty tomorrow got Michigan very old and I feel like every year every better. Have I WANNA be kind to myself have more wisdom and everyone says that my step mom said to me she would never want to go back to her twenty s because she feels so much happy within herself as he got older and. I think that's really wonderful thing that comes with age and probably something. We need to embrace more and talk about more thing. Yeah I think that's a wonderful way of looking at it and I think for my clients who come see me. It's not just about nutrition or Zeiss style advice. It's actually about regaining a sense of identity. Because you know it's amazing time to be alive you'll middle-age midlife honestly and how about premature menopause? Because I was saying to you before I know a few people kind of distant need that have gone through menopause or menopause symptoms in their twenties. Which is like you said. The average ages fifty one to lose. And you saying kind of ten years before that. You don't think this is going to happen to you until your forties all year. So why are potentially people getting it early? What is the reasons behind that? We don't actually know. It can be genetics or it can be the result of something like chemotherapy or if women have had their ovaries removed. We don't know but the stats are surprisingly high. Actually so early. Menopause which is sometimes go premature. Menopause happens to one in one hundred women to that under the age of forty. So that's quite high her and then under the age of thirty one in a thousand women and then under twenty one in ten thousand while. It's still possible. You liked everything. How many people are on the planets that still quite few people experience absolutely. And how does that impact your ability when you become Perryman? Who is making you less likely to conceive or are you still able to? Who's you're still getting periods but maybe less frequently? Yes so premature ovarian insufficiency which is early menopause. Basically you can still get pregnant but your chances are much reduced so you can still be late. So that's something definitely to bury. Mike's I think a lot of women have a real sense of panic if they want to have children. So that's different something to talk to your GPA about but in your forties if you'll just naturally going through peri menopause. So your eastern levels are plummeting. The not necessarily plummeting but they're kind of on a rollercoasters. They can really kind of p control and that is when women often get symptoms but you can still get pregnant but your chances are reduced. Okay how Stephanie. Get to know and so what are the symptoms? What are they simply? We're talking about? You might be getting todd ten years or less onerous yes. Let's not testify. What are the physical symptoms? That's talk about them fast. I was thinking of hot. Flushes is the kind of hot flashes. And night sweats. A kind of the most obvious common ones but there are. I think it's thirty. Four symptoms are. I think that's actually probably more like seventy so in a really diverse kind of range of things from ACNE SA- changes in skin oversee sagging because eastern plays a big role in college and production. So often women find. Baskin is more lax. There is things like insomnia. That's a pretty common one but also the psychological things so things like memory loss brain fog just a lack of

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