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Carriers no government or Medicare


Roger brand joins us from the steeple traffic center at eight forty one the end of the the Strafford ward is a service of goodwill if you're traveling on the roadways to shut up and act about wrapped up once about three sixty four west of K. the overturned vehicle accident they don't delays westbound three sixty four between mid rivers included with the roadworks eastbound three sixty four your kids your liberal are reporting to breathe in the what I can't lanes use caution there eastbound highway sixty four have liberty there's a report to bring the center lane to be careful as you approach that area of course the exit ramp respond forty four Jefferson remains closed yeah roadwork backups on thirteen north of the cast cast your river ended awakens right now to retool three is still slow quotes directions between worldwide technology race when a point north of gateway national golf club due to road work that's going on that goes on around the clock in that area once you get used to one fifty seven looks like for traffic to there we have the right lane closed on southbound U. seventy south of Dorothy ferry for a guardrail repair work going on there goodwill is asking you to step up to the plate and donate your old car it's telling you that the donating is easy rather towing is free I don't get four tickets cardinals games you can donate online emrs goodwill dot org mention promo code card bills while supplies last next update at nine oh three from the steeple traffic center

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Carriers no government or Medicare

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