Seattle - New changes at QFC, Fred Meyer to improve social distancing


QFC and Fred Meyer today began limiting the number of customers inside its grocery stores may have noticed similar changes in other stores around the region couple of Suzanne Phan report here see they've implemented one way aisles to help maintain social distancing among customers a QC spokeswoman also says stores are making sure that every employee will have a disposable face masks for each shift Kroger the stores parent company is also offering hourly workers are so cultural bonus which is a two dollar an hour hazard pay raise we talked to Tom Geiger his union represents twenty three thousand grocery store workers the changes that we've made over the last month in Washington across the country hire a hazard pay more sick leave benefits limiting access to the four most recently one way Isles I think those are all positive positive changes changes the the could could it it be be made made quicker quicker Chile Chile put put in in like like a a month month later later last last person person you you heard heard from from is is a a grocery grocery store store cashier at a Safeway in west Seattle she says she and other grocery store employees are at huge risk and she's very concerned as the enfant

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