Gaming Fixx LOTR #24 Straight From my House - burst 03


Like I think a Lotta people know what it is. It's like basically find a child on a spaceship and you know they raise it like it's their own. Just like the Kents in Superman and things go awry as it were but I wasn't just watching movies I also role played with. Some friends. Ran A great Game called Or Ransom Pathfinder Sunday actually we've got one seat left so if you're really interested You can feel free to go onto quarantine tabletop on facebook and Come on Pelisson Pathfinder on Sunday. I'm running it My friends running Dungeons and dragons Fifth Edition and we're running it over the net and like I said I'm going to be talking about the methods by which to run this stuff and I think that'll be really cool Look forward to that and I've I've really it's been interesting. It's been surreal. You know. Sometimes I have. I have some times where I ended up being a little bit. Overly contemplative This this is a really strange thing folks and I'll be honest it it it gets to me just like it probably gets to you but you know. I really think we're going to get through this together and when we get back we're going to talk about the psychology of covert nineteen on gaming fix on WBZ MD where people make a difference. Thank you.

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