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Off tonight. You come home junk. Niba painted somewhat disheveled take a fake eyelashes off K which is appealing motion. Not Appealing Yeah. No it's not but we are Anyway you on your bedside cabinet and the inevitably are lost the next day. So his a m you can inside him the kindle again the little yellow top-shelf finds pop them in their pot. The Glenn they are you could even take them out. You know you might not get eyelashes. I take the gloves off. The fly away secured lull placed eyelashes unexpansive fake eyelashes the ban expensive. So you don't WanNa lose like what are not expensive. Yeah like a ten time. No Job for the staff so difficult so he leaves them. It is Kinda Noyon and you can reuse them accent. Oh so you want to keep them but once you take them right the pocket. That doesn't really anywhere to store them because so little tender. Anc thing as a perfect lull size of you know just pullen coney you know what it says. Offs fall is an absolute mediocre. I'm GonNa give you a three count. Because she don't understand I is Sunday. Post editors being made. It does the painting decorating tips. But not for everything else. I wouldn't give you you know. Tell some philosophy. Let me tell you. Why do you know to be less inebriated? Go to the bathroom. Peel them off and police safe place. I'm to fighting a SAFE PLACE. And if you're at least three enough is just exactly. The same thing could happen the okay. I'll tell you I mean I'll take the test is Clinton call five and a half say tinny where I give myself a sex. You're not had my second one. Oh I give minus one then but you knew when you buy even. Oh it's only when you buy on sight easy opening when you buy a new nice. A new kitchen implement a new child child's toy. Sometimes a new screwdriver. It will come in a medically sealed whistle punk which had always incredibly difficult again to unless you want to say about it with a knife which involves the prospect of stopping yourself however joyous thought sometimes who is to use an old fashioned Tim Cook now and go through them and open the things. I can old Austin Pendleton. Alex like well. That was that was actually full. You'd benefit a non electric to. I don't have oh just so just a normal tunnel Orland. Yeah Yeah. That's one good hon movement. Yes so you do that and you open up. Your bliss of with that same wheels of the ten aren't in between the poss on either side to the plastic point you plus roads and take to pep. Yep I mean standby yeah. Yeah so scissors. Well case assume you see see. Those season sizzles bucket clues bucket but I do realize because you punctual. My tip below the waterline to sinking and therefore need as it goes down minus-six nor myself asleep. I guess three for that. Were you might not have bubba. She might not have sizzle everybody. So you'd have a scissors have says are so you've been most your sisters and you bought a new pack of CICIS unable encased in this will say yes so so voice to two factors so for those occasions. Maybe four times in your lifetime who you have to buy in uses suggestion. Okay and off. Here's one just for Steve Cinema Urination. If you're watching bill I need to go for a p but you didn't want to miss good bits of the film. They the run P. APP that will tell you at what point during the running time for film you can based go to the toilet without missing anything inclined. God as a joke the furnace. I think I'M G I'M GONNA do. I mean I can tell him that. Cinema Anthony Looking at one hundred percent. Run out spoil the film no site. Not But the point is that it doesn't work that found because you'd says this exact Glenn Boarding Biz from bullying bit was thankfully the Komo News to Lou full elevated an intelligent S. T. One word his word Corny. Please don't on my God save yourself save yourself going out to do. You don't want to face. I D I couldn't. I couldn't quite decide when I was picking these tips for pick things that were genuinely life. Oxide vibration alerts for each peacetime vibration. Your Book Amputate Dash that's Hilarious. I mean that's good for someone. That might have plotted issues. Are you know I don't know Dankali Water? Is it a football? One is the one you can so not wh- coat from watching the football or shush not because it's not an now with the. Oh you're getting for that. Yeah thank you get. Ten wasn't bought although again as undiscovered tank. Well Alden let's not maybe just the nature of life access chain Steve. I'm giving you my beloved because I'm going to call people. P run P. run P. P. Phone you got another one Do go explain that again. I don't like explaining because you guys do it properly and I conquered noughties took it wrong so you know how when you go on hall Dan. You get 'em like you pock champagne conditioning. Things in it always like. Oh really scared is gonNA explode. Yeah like not so. Thank so if you caught a piece of 'em cling film are similar sort of fen plastic and pit associate. I'm using my water bottle as an example so pretend here and then put led by Khan. It's not presealed because not everything has a safety seal thing. Oh yeah bring some cling film over the the coordinating Seal Beckham. Yeah that's actually not bad because it's likely then to bars you know and it can be helpful if you're going like on a plane where your luggage is getting too? 'cause I used to just a shovelnose plastic bag. Hope for the best and then at one point can't remember which alter what was done but let's let Lauda stuff at explanations. The big soggy soapy conditionally Mace and I saw on donate Basu. Good anger gun to three and a half you can honestly we in by Elliott here. Okay I'm putting on is the best one to seven

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