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Netflix's 'Love Is Blind' brings the reality dating show into 2020


So love is blind the task at hand so it's a dating reality TV show. Our the premise is people at first like D. Don't get to see each other and they get to talk. How does that make love grow? So love is blind. Elo and Vanessa and Nick O'Shea won't stop saying is loved lines and you're like that is not how the scientific concept of that works but I'm going to let you of it and also like this. You can almost hear the pitch meetings for this show. That's like in an age of tinder and and like seeing. Someone's photo before you ever learn anything else about them like this show you know you can hear how they think. This is extremely radical. And I don't know how to tell you this it is kind of radical but we're GONNA get there in the execution of course not nothing's radical and execution Also we are going to talk about how it's not radical it's very. It's like other cultures. Do this but you know so. You have these contestants who are all conventionally attractive people and to be clear actually the knock eventually intractable. They're all hot like I. It took me like three episodes to realize that everyone was hot because I was so focused on another kind of madness about the show that that had not registered for me at because a show like this is radical. Everyone looks a little bit different. But you're like oh everyone's hot and everyone conveniently lives in the same city so you don't like your the parameters are already like narrowed down to what we're doing. Everyone has a If you watch the bachelor or the Bachelorette you know the job. Titles are always like the best part of the show. This also does not disappoint. Everyone is like a content creator or business owner or a regional manager or just like guys one guy's Kyron just says sales referring to myself as a regional manager just like literally could be anywhere and all of these people are like that so the men and the women are in two separate quarters doned up. The show is really literally about the fact that like Heterosexual people are not okay And they need so much help but so men and women are segregated and then they get to like go into these like upholstered pods and then they like they date like through frosted wall basically. Can I pause here for word about the pods? Every time someone says the Word Pot ice cream yes right portable on demand storage is what I think not to give a shout out to someone who is not advertised on our show but but there is a very funny thing which like okay so full disclosure. You know how like Non Reality TV FLUENT. I am but the last reality show I watched was the queer season of. Are you the one and the first thing that I clocked and laughed at which is also like I think a common element in like a lot of the kind of performing competition reality shows. Is this like hilarious and excessive use of neon that is like supposedly responsive to things that are happening on the show so in like are you the one they go into like a booth to be like are you in fact a match and there's like glowing lights and on and on love is blind. It's like you know we see from above the pulsating outlines of the pod and I'm just like this is such a funny. It reminds me of like seeing people using a computer in a movie in the nineties where it took root seeing things that are like vaguely looking SCIENC- because this is how reality TV works like you are you're accurately honing and on the design of confessional space like this always this like weird design thing always gets deployed well and also it's like this kind of visual way of underscoring like the false premise of the show. That's like there's something scienc- at work here. You know what I mean or like. There's some like greater force at play than just like alcohol. Anyway and Vanessa Lachey greater or it's that's big greater force 'em play here. I was very skeptical. I have to tell you like nothing. What have I not watched like nothing? Stresses ME OUT ON TV anymore? It's like sure you want to do immigration fraud. I'm here for it you want to. I don't know like eat your feelings on TV. I'm here for you. WanNa get like plastic surgery. I'm here for it this show though. This is wild. This is truly wild so people start dating and as suspected when you don't have the stimulus of seeing what someone looks like weird barrier between your if you're open to it people get vulnerable and I like I really disoriented me and then and then I put my thinking cap on and I was like. Oh the reason this show feels like great me and the reason I actually love it as this is just like the Hal version of Love Island. You know like Oh. I was raised in a Muslim home. I know exactly what's going on here. dating in a supervised location check. Never seeing each other until you're in a committed relationship. Check GET PARTITION. Getting married within like two to three weeks check. Check drama for your entire family. Did it like everything here is like this is the most a Muslim TV show that has ever existed before. And so the idea that you know like everyone is like. Oh this is so different. So revolutionary and so whatever and it's like no no like people in other cultures like kind of like this and there is a case to be made for. If you say that you are ready to settle down. There are a lot of societal mechanisms to help you get there right but this is wild. I WanNa talk a little bit about the thing you said about how this setup encourages vulnerability because one thing that I just kept thinking about is like you know the noted phenomenon wherein heterosexual men rely on their romantic partner to be their emotional lifeline for everything right. Like I'm not saying this is every heterosexual man but like as a default studies showing flaked almond. I in fact saying not all men but also statistically like men who are married to women are basically like I'm only emotionally close to my wife like that is definitely documented phenomenon. If you were in my office right now you would see lights flashing as a scientific point in my national booth over here. The light is green yes exactly. It's like she exciting science and one thing I was really struck by is like it really felt like a distillation of that phenomenon. Where like every time I heard one of these male contestants say something like oh I just find myself opening up to her. It's like yeah like yes. Of course I'm going to do here. Exactly and the sequence in one of the early episodes where the contestants are gender segregated so the the women live with other women and the men live with other men and they can see each other and hang out. It's not like a complete pod situation and you know they they edit in the scene where the women are talking about like. What do you think the men are doing right? Now as they sit around and talk about their feelings and one of the women goes probably a push up contest or something and then of course they have footage of all like the men's side of the summer camp or whatever and they are doing various feats of strength and not talking about their feelings. And I have to tell you. I have a question for you on the on the men's feelings front about this show so there is a guy with kind of like a scraggly beard is seen in emotional conversation with the men on their side of the camp. Rory yes and you think rory contestant or as the therapist working for the show so happy you bring up rory because this is so relevant to so much about the show because the minute that I started watching it and I started feeling all these feelings that what is the first thing that I do. I start reading about the production because the people who are manipulating me. So you're bringing tears to my. I just love you so much. He's reading about the past the show.

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Netflix's 'Love Is Blind' brings the reality dating show into 2020

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