Coronavirus: Italy imposes strict lockdown in outbreak hotspots


Time Italy is trying to contain an outbreak of new coronavirus infections dozens of towns in the north or under lockdown and NPR's Sylvia put Jolie reports two people have died of the illness a seventy eight year old man died late Friday near Padova invented tell and a woman in Lombardy died today Lombardy governor Aqil Fontana said strict measures have been taken in the region Italy's financial and industrial powerhouse ten towns in an area southwest of the lan are in lockdown with some fifty thousand residents told to remain indoors while schools businesses and restaurants are closed and public gatherings including Sunday mass and soccer games are suspended better to governor look at science said the contagion shows the virus is transmitted like the flu you can get it from anyone he told reporters prime minister Decepticon to said the government is ready to consider further measures so people Jolie and B. R. news

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