Disney's surprise CEO departure while Baby Yoda steals Toy Fair

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Disney's down. Co but will remain as executive chairman until the end of the year while departure has been widely anticipated. The news still comes as a bit of a shocker. Since he had delayed his retirement multiple times to find a successor. We've got one now name Bob Traffic. He'll take over CEO. But before we talk about Bob. Well let's talk about the original Bob Bob Eiger and his contribution to Disneyworld big highlights free opt above for Disney. Yeah Yeah it came nowhere in the middle of the earnings call yesterday and in a way he gets to go out on top like Disney plus their streaming service launch was very successful. The photo we just round the screen he gets to go out with like a photo of him and a little baby yoga. It's Kinda hard to not get around that so so beyond beyond dizzy plus which is obviously most recent thing but there. There's been a lot of big successes credited to Bob. I go right. He's I mean he's basically bought up. Most of our childhood are marvel. Wait what was the one I well? He basically bought Lucasfilm's Fox Star Star Wars and Fox right and so he's he's cobbled together. This sort of massive Hollywood infrastructure is actually improve the park's right when I think when he started a bunch of the parks were not doing well and he was credited towards like building up. Dizzy Disneyland Hong Kong and Japan and building up Disney California venture. So like he's done a lot of the company but gotta go back to Disney plus and the mandatory which is sort of the latest thing. That's fresh in our mind. This is the fascinating juncture since on one hand like there's so much now going forward especially the Fox and there's a lot of new activity going on so it's shooting step away amidst like marvel's like Face four walls. And of course we've got Yes like he kinda ends his his tenure with like this viral sensation. Yeah and having done in the launch of Disney plus done several interviews like going over early briefs that show and overseeing that it's all sort of confusing because there were twenty months left on his extension. I believe it was. Yeah Yeah and he is. He's sticking around. My guess is he's he's focusing largely on sort of the entertainment aspects of the film studio part of the business and leading the new. Bob Chapman deal so the day to day operations as CEO and then on their hand because so much was built up it might from the consumer perspective. It might not be that noticeable because everything has been put into motion and it's just a matter of them. Disney continue to ride through their distance for the next couple of years of movie and stuff

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