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Convention may need to take


Governor handy this year announcing the latest code nineteen numbers we're reporting ninety two new cases of the corona virus total cases now up to nine hundred seventeen another update expected this afternoon the governor also announcing three new deaths these three individuals include a fifty six year old female from Fayette County a fifty two year old female from Bullitt county and an eighty one year old male from dune forty Kentucky and have now lost their lives due to the virus with the search just in the next few weeks TARC officials in loyal say a bus drivers contracted covered nineteen the last of the route ten from twelve twenty to nine twenty two PM March twenty seventh asking any writers on route ten that day March twenty seventh to monitor for symptoms I'm sandy Collins hi I'm Josh Clark one of the hosts of the stuff you should know podcast there's a lot of conflicting information out there about the novel coronavirus so we decided to do an episode on coal

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Convention may need to take

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