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Downplaying that epidemic and hiding the extent and the seriousness of it


Being off by Jake tapper out if the president is responsible for American deaths because he was distracted wasn't acting early enough I wonder if anyone can recall what Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer the Democrats would doing between September of last year and February of this year I know one man who remembers he is I'd like to consider him a one of the the team members of about radio may even this number one team and that is of course John Batchelor that's how I know Gordon Chang he's a co host regular guest he is an expert in all things to do with sinology look that up follow him on Twitter at Gordon G. Chang Gordon welcome back to America first thank you so much Sir I really appreciate the opportunity it's always find it is to have you on the show with your expertise about what is happening in Asia but let's look at what the ramifications are of the Chinese who had coronavirus domestically politically right now Gorden this idea let me just ask you as as as as an American citizen as opposed to the idea of the speaker of the house wants to blame the president for not responding to the threat of the Wu Han virus do do they really think that we don't remember what they were doing in January trying to remove president trump from office yeah I I I don't know what Nancy Pelosi is in fact thinking but I don't think that she's being objective here important thing for Americans to remember is that on January thirty first president trump during impeachment proceedings by the way impose travel restrictions in quarantines on arrivals from China that was the most important decision that he had to make an inmate at one hundred percent right and because of that he bought the United States time and I think that as we look back we're going to see the wisdom of that decision there's a lot that we can say about the response of the government no government response dot well to it epidemic especially when you have China downplaying that epidemic and hiding the extent and the seriousness of it from United States and from the international community and the one thing that I would just like to say if I had a chance to talk to the speaker of the house is that right now we Americans have a common enemy I'm not common enemy is not the president I'd states the president added states is the one person who is defending us at this moment from our enemy and that enemy means us harm so we've got to be very concerned about who the enemy is and what we need to do about it and who's going to protect us you've been playing the game for a while your as cynical as has needs to be but on you even surprise that we are having national organs national platforms national media host literally regurgitate taking repeating propaganda misinformation coming straight out of Beijing yeah this is really is distressing so for instance couple days ago when of the number of reported U. S. cases exceeded those from reported cases from China there were a number of people who should've known better who said only the US has more inspections in China does not China's infections we don't know how many they were but there are a number of indications that we have which shows that they have severely under reported both the number of infections or also the number of deaths so for instance if you go back to that tweet from secretary Clinton where she talks about how the incompetence of the president means that we have more inspections in China

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Downplaying that epidemic and hiding the extent and the seriousness of it

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