You Don't Have To Be THE Leader To Be A Leader


Welcome to day. Seventeen the lockdown here in Malaysia. And that is a quote. I picked up from Cuban on his twitter handle the other day. Those that don't know mark. He is the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and also happens to be of course one of the shocks on the reality business. Show Shark tank and to me. It's a great way of I guess. Summing up what leadership needs to be at a time of crisis like right now especially pardon me especially a global crisis and one that's impacting and affecting just about every business every industry around the world because leadership conscious come from the person the front it has to come from every levels of an organization and every little group within the organization every subgroup within that. And that's just in a business context. The same thing applies in a social context in a family context. Leadership has to come from everybody in their own little way in every part of an organization or structure organism. It's the only way really that I think we're GONNA get through the Arctic and it's a great way to describe the type of leadership that is required and I guess some of the leadership needs at a time like right now.

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