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State of the states well if you would like ventilators we need to see


Of the states well if you would like ventilators we need to see a first look in your states right so for example in northern Jersey they're going out of southern Jersey and they're finding ventilators and trying to relocate them to where they have their hot spots the second thing that we've done is we've asked him to survey for alternative ventilators Dr Burke spoke before about the anesthesia machines and the ability to to convert them to be ventilators so we're asking people to be resourceful inside their states before they come to the federal government the third thing we've been asking states to do is provide with their daily utilization rates are so everyone's asking for everything one congressman got a call from his local hospital saying any two hundred fifty ventilators and he said well you don't have a covert patient in four counties why do you want to injure fifty ventilators and he says well we just want to be safe for very nervous right now so when you have all over the country there's a lot of people are asking for things that they don't necessarily need at the moment and the job of of FEMA and an apple plus Jack is been to try to make sure that we're getting the real data from the cities from the state so we can make real time allocation decisions based on the data and right now what's happening is a lot of the different cities and states are providing a few months that that information we're talking to them daily they're updating that information daily and that's enabling the federal government to make much more informed decisions on where they position ventilators you also have a situation where in some states FEMA allocated ventilators to the states and you have any instances where in cities they're running out but the state still has a stockpile and the notion of the federal stockpile was it supposed to be our stockpiles not supposed to be state stockpiles that they then use the word courage in the states

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State of the states well if you would like ventilators we need to see

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