Belly button ring see here I don't look at it I'll look one second okay it's


Name bad name I'm calling this one Andrew Cuomo's nipple rings yeah he has to okay so the other day I talked about how that was going around is good and is it still to meet about Hillary I saw a picture of Andrew Cuomo down to down to the sun the ticket to sons wives of what's going on what you saw a picture of what Andrew Cuomo governor Cuomo and he had a white polo shirt on okay as governor press conference and you can see on each nipple is Ricky's indentures and let me look and they look like the barbells the difference so what it wasn't just me now the controversy is also bring on Twitter are they nipple rings or are they not the picture posted of governor Cuomo is going around and people are weighing in on if the governor is wearing a barbell that nipple piercings on each one of us does that make him cooler you know I don't know I don't know hell yes creepier if you're you know you're like if you're the governor of New York and you've been so successfully on I put your edgy enough to get a nipple ring I'm

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