Changing the Healthcare Space with Voice Technology with Dan Messina Co-Founder & EVP of HandsFree Health

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Now Dan. You've been in healthcare for over thirty five years. You've been the CEO of Magellan. House the CFO AETNA HOUSE. And you served as a partner of health advocate which showed for nearly ten one hundred times. Excuse me of the outside capital invested. And I'm curious. Why did you begin a journey into healthcare so many years ago and then why in the last few years did you decide that the next right move was to found lead a voice based healthcare company? A great question. I mean I think that I wish I had some really glorious story to tell you but the fact that matter results in the right place at the right time I had been with AETNA and Cigna in the late eighties early nineties and during that timeframe there was a big transition from multi line insurance coverage to healthcare and healthcare began to grow rapidly and I was right in the middle of that so gaming opportunity to be part of the process of transitioning CIGNA and Aetna from their multi line offerings to just healthcare and you know put me in a healthcare world. Which was you know? Maybe a lot of sense balance sheet perspective but I don't think necessarily it was beneficial for the end users perspective and all these companies grew rapidly and You know worked for them but I think the members found themselves facing a lot of difficulties in trying to figure out the healthcare process. That's what led to help advocate about twenty years ago me and others from the large health plan companies realize that the to get through the healthcare process was nothing easy and we thought whom better to help them figure out their way through the maze that people to help contribute to the maze and so we started health advocate opposite. Frankly couldn't believe how successful that company became basis form. It was simply a company that was providing any response and you healthcare question. Any individual may have nobody that twenty year span at grew from two forty four million members with over a thousand employees and yes we were able to sell it for about one hundred times. The invested capital was which was obviously very impressive. That then let me two hands. Free health with my colonel the other CO founder of the company hands. Free Health is really in some respects like health advocate where it's responsive to questions that people may have but it does in a voice recognition fashion voice responses service. We think that voice response is a direction that the whole country's going and healthcare is kind of catching up but getting there right now and of course. Healthcare has unique difficulties voice response because of the terminology and being able to convert that terminology voice. You Know Bill Gates. I think twenty years ago the healthcare the content is key and I agree with that and and Between the content and the voice. There's no simple task and I think that's one reason. Healthcare is behind. But if you look at all the stats. Everyone's growing dramatically voice annoys people are increasing utilization voice so it makes sense to have health be part of the growth model and that's where hands free health does come into

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