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An estimated ten thousand of those tests have come back negative for corona virus


A second death this afternoon related to the corona virus the state totally Nevada is now it's seventeen the case a woman in her thirties who had an underlying health condition as of this morning they were more than one thousand positive coronavirus cases in the state but an estimated ten thousand of those tests have come back negative for corona virus as of this morning there are more than seven hundred fifty here in Clark County and fifteen deaths the leaders of six San Francisco bay area counties extending their shelter home orders until may the first the region of seven million one of the first in the United States to issue such an order it's been credited with helping address the influx of coronavirus patients at local hospitals at least one hundred thirty people have died in California from the corona virus across the world illegally to follow the recommendation of scientists and extend the nation wide lock down there until at least April the twelfth the elected to create currently runs through April the third doctors and other health experts have been cautioning Italy's cases of coronavirus have not reached their peak yet and the Italian health minister says the national scientific technical committee recommended extending the containment measures until at least Easter saying the government will move in this direction Italy has more than one hundred thousand confirmed cases of coronavirus infections and more than eleven thousand deaths pope Francis is Victor for Rome testing positive for the corona virus is the first case of a cardinal close to the pope known to be infected the cardinal had been in touch with Francis in recent weeks but apparently not in person over the cardinals initial decision to close all Rome churches in line with the Italian government shut down decree in Russia there is a wide ranging locked down in Saint Petersburg is Russia's second largest city their innate locked down there the measure setting the same conditions as in Moscow and the U. N. humanitarian chief warning the ten cases of coronavirus and one death in Syria just the tip of the iceberg there and judging from other countries it would be a devastating impact expected on vulnerable communities closer to home Florida officials arresting the pastor of a megachurch after detectives say he helped to Sunday services with hundreds of people and violated a stay at home order in place to limit the spread of coronavirus pastor Rodney Howard Browne turn himself into authorities near Tampa where he lives he was charged with unlawful assembly in violation of a public health emergency order the pastor bailed out at just five hundred dollars and was released after posting bond well the corona virus a number of concert adduction companies have decided to change focus instead of doing concerts which for example one had been scheduled to set up stages at Coachella have now turned themselves into a make shift hospital builders a number of them keeping people in work some saying they have quickly become concert teams into rapid response disaster relief teams the concert and events industry one of the first to be affected by the spread of the corona virus and event spaces now commandeered for treatment like the Javits center in New York City as well as hospitals throughout Los Angeles have

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An estimated ten thousand of those tests have come back negative for corona virus

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Five hundred twenty three thousand three hundred fifty nine cover nineteen tests have been conducted in the state

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I've never going to get hurt I'm never gonna get sick I'm never gonna die we know that I lived it

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