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Of all the gifts over the twenty dollar bill because the timeline for the cats don't give W. F. F. pulls up close to Anderson he was so he could not believe it he did not need the faith he was so and that's what the Titans had a problem with not recognizing that they've got a good shot there's just inside the free throw line that's a good shot or take out any time you can instead they're trying to push a little too close to the basket well we've had no score here the sap Wallace frontcourt coming down good this is seventeen points there for walks he's still looking for its first points inside whether it's a turnaround jumper they still supported Mr read the Syracuse Syracuse Bergen getting it locked away picked up my soon Sam's coming across the bridge drive Kentucky had led by ten in the first half lead now by seven forty two thirty five after leading by nine at halftime innovation in the walls outside the block close it up and rolls like don't breathe Anderson the end of flight bill together on the court for onto the walkers download the one hundred thousand it almost he gets his first deployment to the ball games in Belfast knocked away by Anderson cause something to happen close that's a strong as you said one of six this half but to their credit they are playing good defense in Syracuse but two points on the board as well Ron Mercer in water body out Derek Anderson out and marked open and reached IDR comes in for Syracuse with a nine point gain forty four thirty five passes sold at midcourt by Paul put in a single step from the sideline the ball was deflected actually and I over in Sam's head hope went to get in step right on the sideline in front of John Dougherty gets the ball into the argument in down the left side of the dial the right wing close to breaking up top to reach nine jump shot him to leave by Walker Walker on the outside of the bill as part of the screen reverses dissipating their past Kentucky's longest leaders on the board great hang time by Ron Mercer all all the way to the other side of the basket you'll spend goes under control his first trial walls pictures in other news for twenty where the year's biggest outstanding career you can see why with moves like that right now pretty simple game plan should be for Syracuse get down walls the basketball in his hands because no one the pharmacy tech is been able stopping down low Walter McCarty check centers Wildcats looks like Antoine Walker will head to the bench and one goes up six points missing two free throws in the as one of the following for the ball here Wallace's at the line one try trying to convert three it's good D. S. twenty point five point plan within the forty six thirty eight Kentucky out on top they just had the biggest lead at eleven fifty twenty dollars right side of the border they prepare the bill over to in the paint the pope Donald McCarty McCarty card with a five footer up restart our history

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Anderson looking on the other side of the web site built in the

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