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They just help keep you alive and in many cases they're sacrificing their own lives


Thousand coronavirus deaths a week if the state stay at home policies are relaxed too early according to the bay area health officials some of the modeling is predicting at the peak that up to five thousand deaths a week out throughout California and even other states are predicting that the numbers will increase by the thousands if individuals do not practice the stay at home order and sell the news came as local officials across the state of California began revealing a lot of those different numbers that have been coming out that have really been indicating that this pandemic is spreading like crazy individuals are not observing the stay at home orders many individuals are not practicing social distancing there are some who is still having large gatherings even at the home having parties having baby showers having birthday parties and get togethers and things of that nature inviting people from the areas this is very serious and certainly we want to take it I it's a very serious matter so that we can control and really Currer all this growth and expansion of the spread of this a pandemic that's happening this coronavirus and so as we're looking at places like California looking

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They just help keep you alive and in many cases they're sacrificing their own lives

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