The Great Toilet Paper Shortage


The great toilet paper shortage. No I'm not talking about a toilet. Paper shortage caused by the corona virus. Won't get to that in a minute. I'm talking about the shortage of Nineteen seventy-three. This was a time of shortages. Many areas oil scares great economic. Stressors kept Americans on edge so when herald the FROLIC a Republican congressman at the time? Put out a press release warning the public about a possible and in no way imminent toilet paper shortage and night time comedian. Johnny Carson echoed the press release. Well put people on edge and I've got digs out quote from Johnny Carson. He's doing his stand up monologue. You know we've got all sorts of shortages these days but have you heard the latest. I'm not kidding I saw the papers. There's an acute shortage of of toilet paper and now that's an exact quote from Johnny Carson. At the time he had twenty million viewers the ground had already been laid for troop Hanoch amongst consumers carson simply ignited the spark for full blown madness. Millions of Americans across the country flooded local grocery and convenience stores. Totally wiping them clean of all toilet paper. One consumer told New York Times that after hearing it on the News Day. Bought an extra fifteen roles. Another woman asked her party guests to arrive with the roll of toilet paper and again I remind you this was all taking place in Nineteen. Seventy three for a few must toilet. Paper continued to be a rare find. Until like most short-lived trends the fizzled out in the aftermath. Carson was hotseat receiving a large portion of the blame for fueling the shortage. Myth Carson issued a sincere apology to viewers and again this is a quote from Johnny Carson. I don't want to be remembered as the man who created a false toilet paper scare. I just picked up the item from the paper and enlarge it somewhat. There is no shortage. That's a direct quote from Johnny Carson Nighttime Comedian back in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy three. At this point in time the damage has been done and Americans were passed all the potty drama most people would place the blame on Johnny Carson for causing the T. P. Panic but is he solely accountable even before Carson's joke on the Air Americans themselves are partially to blame for the self-induced toilet paper trauma. Can you blame them? These people were used to shortages of everything from oil to that true panic stem from a blatant rumor. Could it be a deja Vu today? The Washington Post reports a run on roles with both Costco. Another supermarket. Chain stripped all but clean even Amazon's physical stores appeared to be down to single rolls of Toilet Paper The New York Times similarly reported from a whole foods supermarket in Somerville Massachusetts where shoppers had to be limited to two packages of toilet paper. Each lease they strip the store bear. There was no shortage of toilet paper. Nineteen seventy three or today. Nearly fifty years later no shortage. There is a quote that applies to the story that you might be familiar with. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The quotas most likely due to writer and philosopher. George Santayana it expresses the sentiment. Ably that history repeats itself it that is true then. We simply need to pay attention. Still we all eat sleep and poop and are driven to take care of those basic

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