Local man creating face shields and masks for firefighters


Has covered nineteen cases continue to climb health care workers in our state are faced with a shortage of personal protective equipment or PP is a Colorado native is now creating protective masks for firefighters Matt Hartley spent the last two decades specializing in lighting design but now he's using his talented three D. printers or something completely different well the canelo try to help out Hartley is flipped his operation to manufacture plastic medical masks that can be cleaned and re used these are kids party put together we've already sealed with construction Hartley has our first responders in mind and in addition to medical staff he plans to drop off a donation of medical masks and shields for the Arvada fire department when you call nine one one we're going to show up a job that does not stop the despite the Kobe nineteen outbreak we have to treat everybody that we run on as if they're possible covert patients were in full time that suits and masks gloves glasses Arvada fire says they're sensitive to the shortage of personal protective equipment that is already put a strain on

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