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New York City, Mr Trump And Jerome Adams discussed on Hugh Hewitt


The White House briefing Sunday president trump said the latest numbers suggest the number of people dying in New York City may be slowing we see light at the end of the tunnel things are happening things are happening we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully in the not too distant future will be very proud of the job we all did however Mr trump was quick to point out that does not contradict Surgeon General Jerome Adams warning that Americans should brace for levels of tragedy reminiscent of the September eleventh attacks in the bombing of Pearl Harbor I think we all know that we have to reach a certain point and that point is going to be a horrific point in terms of death but it's also pointed which things are going to start changing we're getting very close to that level right now British prime minister Boris Johnson was admitted to a hospital yesterday for tests because he still has symptoms of coronavirus ten days after testing positive president trump extended America's well wishes to the fifty five year old British leader all Americans are praying for me as a friend of mine is a great gentleman and great leader and he's as you know he was brought to the hospital today but I'm I am hopeful you sure that he's going to be fine he's strong mad strong person Johnson has been quarantined at ten Downing Street since being diagnosed with covert nineteen back on March twenty sixth Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said yesterday they'll be no JYJ economic stimulus program as the country faces the threat of the corona virus induced crisis almost certainly unlike any he has seen in the past century instead the administration's going to expand social programs continue to prop up the heavily indebted state.

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New York City, Mr Trump And Jerome Adams discussed on Hugh Hewitt

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