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Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti


It's part of their culture this is way before this whole coronavirus mass so here we have the Los Angeles mayor saying now that all residents should wear masks are like this doesn't put pressure on the mask availability of course it does but this is gonna lead me into something that I saw in the Wall Street journal today how South Korea solved its face mask shortage get to that in a second Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti Democrat Los Angeles he called on the city's millions of residents to start covering their faces when whenever they're out in public as part of an effort to combat the outbreak of a novel coronavirus Garcetti said on Twitter that the decision was guided by data showing that many of those infected with the virus are a symptomatic no symptoms it is why we're recommending the use cloth face coverings plus physical distancing for essential activities he may this claim advising against using surgical and and ninety five masks which are reserved for the first responders well I I doubt the first responders want my N. ninety five mask which I've had around for drywall and painting for for for quite some time I don't think they have I don't think they want those if anyone is massive stockpiles yes turn it over to your local hospital the fire department police department health department so what he's suggesting here is that everyone should wear masks on a cloth mask or even wearing a bandana or scarf it it it could offer some level of protection here so with that what is the answer what is the story without again the headline wall I'm sorry I said Wall Street journal's New York times so the headline news also Wall Street journal piece similar but New York times last night online how South Korea solved its face mask shortage and this particular story follows a pharmacist who recently opened a pharmacy in in front I am Sean is in South Korea in Shani is the the area to the west of Seoul where the airport is that's where the the big International Airport intron is I I we've been through and shot it's a really nice airport but some of the details from the story such was the extent I'm S. shortage this was one South Korea experienced a mask crisis the central government decided to intervene in production and distribution at the end of February it announced that it would purchase fifty percent of K. F. ninety four masks from the nation's one hundred thirty or so manufacturers so the K. F. ninety four that's equivalent to the and ninety five so whenever I say K. nine K. F. ninety four K. F. ninety four not to be confused with the old radio station in the Virginia beach when I was a kid K. ninety four and of our beautiful my yard North Carolina the K. F. ninety four maths a maths there a hundred thirty manufacturers SO in South Korea the government began to ship these masks at a discounted price of fifteen hundred one or about a dollar twenty three each to some twenty three thousand pharmacies in the country in cooperation with the Korean pharmaceutical association pharmacies would earn no more than a few dozens cents on each sale a few even reported losing money because of credit card fees but they embrace their role in the epidemic response licensed pharmacists were ideally placed to answer questions about covert nineteen give instructions on social distancing improper use of masks and refers sick people to feel testing stations and hospitals so this is instruction it was dissemination of good information in rural areas of South Korea where there are fewer pharmacies agricultural cooperative offices and post offices sell the face masks here is a

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Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti

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