Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Rematch


And it's almost time in Las Vegas the world heavyweight rematch Saturday night Tyson fury going up against the champ Deontay Wilder they met fifteen months ago what would draw now the expectation is three matches been rising daily it's all hype for Brookside road for this one here's ESPN boxing analyst Andre ward we have two guys that are as popular as they've ever been the company at the live within their dangers as they've ever been so either ingredients of not just a great fight but a fight that I feel just won't go the distance and I think that was confirmed today with the weight of Tyson fury at two seventy three and the added weight of the onstage Wilder which was unexpected at two thirty one that showed me that you guys are not going to be moving around trying to outbox feature to be guarded in a total line and they

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