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We start with an interview. Anthony Davis now guest today on the sustainable futures report you'll the CEO of big bomb which is a not for profit organization which is being trading for some twenty years. As I understand that your role is to encourage healthy eating and sustainable agriculture correct. So how do you do that? Well we when I first set up. I'm a fifth generation farmer and set up the side. Because we were growing onions in Norfolk at them. Every time we went to sell them we could get about one hundred pounds a tonne and two days later. We'd see the onions on the TESCO shelved for about eight hundred pounds a tonne Food supply chain has is giving as Dale and consumes about Dale because If anyone turned out femme Australians we'd be happy to sell them off the process signet so the big bomb is all about reconnecting. People buy that through came from at helping to sell directing consumers by right and we're hoping that process that people would find us about three day on eight health late because they buy fresh local food. You've been doing quantitative what with schools leave. That's right we say that To change people to cooking and buying food we really need to act on the influences and we say the main influences as children because if you can get children eighteen lane that parents wanting healthy fade away. It'll encourage parents to eat better food as well. So what you're doing with the children in the schools well we ran a project in Leicester where we went in every week to help the kid. Some grow seats In plant pulse and that we built some raise bets implanted fruit trees and these children lentil about growing food and when it was ready they were really enthused to taste it and Actually Cook with it and we had this added incentives that they could then take. Will they'd grown to the local shop and the local shop and sell it for them and says cool crop for the shop and it was really brilliant way of introducing children about food and growing only plans to roll it out further into other schools across the country. We absolutely love to because We Got Twenty six thousand schools in this country and we found out that fourteen thousand of them will go to veg. Patch and a m Or Garden as would actually quite easy the mold getting both but unfortunately it's not on the curriculum and at the end of the year with the School Esta. We went to the teacher. Teaching nights as the VEGGIE PATCH. We managed to get a lot of them. Academic Subjects Fetch. So are you going to do it? And she said On anything what's on the creation and unfortunately waving running petition for a long time about getting school food growing grant and cookie on the curriculum and The the government with allstate only measure scope foments on a level massive English and. That's a big mistake. So we all lobbying and we'd love to do more but we're restricted by government mind. That's a dead end for the moment. Unfortunately them while there is a new food and farming policy coming out at the moment and being worked on and we hope that with the evidence week with another number of other organizations that it will change and the government will say the opportunity. Because if you can if you can change able to eat healthy food I think at the moment. Twenty percent of energy as spend is on food related disease so we can get paid eighteen healthy food and if we get infants at school eating healthy food we could see some massive savings Indiana chess. I just told me that again. Twenty percent direction of. Nhs expenditure is on food related disease. Yeah and I think ten percent diabetes and the rest is Be St in Hop. Z's and Allah food related problems. So Yeah Yeah. That's a lot can be done. And I think the time is ripe with Brexit and with people about mole and with the The massive amounts of food aid programs on TV like Brexit. To this will start thinking about whether food comes from and We have kind of news of out sanctions and import duties on some products. Hopefully things like Kim American. None cheap food chlorinated chicken and processed pool come from low animal welfare factories in America said that they will be on. The tariffs kept type thing. Yeah okay Ob some GT but Mr Trump doesn't want much self-aware going to have to look into domestic food production. We're GONNA have to and hopefully when people see this. Trait will happening with cheat American food. They'll stop thinking about will feed they should buy and when they to seek market. They'll think about whether three comes from clear. Labelling which will be really good at. But the I need Kinda Is someone who is produced locally. And he's a he's reputations in state which is where all Lakewood food map comes in. Not Yes I was gonNA come onto that single food map. Tell us about not because it seems to be a cover the whole country. I looked at my lug layer. Your canoe got five or six produces listed so tell me more about it well. It's constantly evolving constantly. Updating map that Tim at eight and a half thousand local food outlets on it and every outlet has a username password to add pictures video description and even build themselves online shop if they want to do now is we share all matt with many websites we can so we'd love Yorkshire Websites to have on that and actually be adding to it and the idea. Is that when you have it? Looks like it's you'll 's and the mole websites have the map the mold as who will not benefit because they can update page updates. Don't allow the websites so I'm to help that process we becoming am a co-op community benefit society. We're sending a message that everyone can deposits and if its success. We share in the SUCCESS FOR ALL RANDOM. A lot of these companies that Backed by venture capitalists Orem investors. Who saw cancel the money?

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