Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tack - burst 3


We Kinda fast spoke by the seventies people realize is a big problem. There's multiple books. Certainly a lot of academic papers about California and other kind of prosperous places. Seattle again. These kinds of tech hubs are starting to have a housing problem. It wasn't that bad yet. So it's kind of go with sort of annoying. That costs a lot to live here. But I'll deal with it and what the it's fascinating to me is fascinating to me when people start recognizing album how much they can anticipate about it. Sometimes people are so right about things. This guy's this one guy wrote a book in the seventies where he says this is going to be an almost impossible problem to solve because people the constituency of people who you need to fight for more housing people who don't live somewhere yet right which is just think about that. It's like this crazy puzzle so when I met Jeremy in that kind of fateful interview now he was fighting he was funding. Someone who was trying this woman. Sonia trials WHO's this insane character? She's a high school teacher who You know shows up to city

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