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Can we use food as medicine?


Guest Don Rene has a compelling story of self care and recovery after a debilitating month in bed and a lifetime of chronic illnesses. She has spent the past decade learning from others while assisting them with their daily health issues their experiences show nutritional support and ways to detox. The body inside and out are crucial to maintaining. Good health. Don Rene is currently devoted to the care of a woman with stage four. Ls focused care for someone navigating. So many obstacles has provided good challenges for them to overcome. Don Rene has gained an intimate understanding of how nutritional support and AIDS affects us and our health and our cognitive wellbeing. The traveling caregiver part came from the fact that I would. I could travel on the phone. I could travel on the email I could travel to your home. I can travel wherever you needed me to and I could at least try to help you get somewhere where you can feel that you're getting some sense of control back in your environment because it can feel so out of control when you're fighting disease disorder. You know a like. How do we bring bounce back? How do I find balance for you? Where are what are the things that are triggering you to to lose the controls that you're not having any more and you know with LS LS is a? It's a terrible thing. It's I mean you lose everything from the neck down you have. Your brain laughed but You know virtually. She stayed for less patients. She's immobile from the neck down. She can't speak to me other than through communication device in. That's if she's feeling like it so usually. We use a lot of mental telepathy and I looked ends by language. Reads and intuition and Basically just basing everything on her baseline where where's her happy place and then trying to keep her at that happy place. No so I know that's the same with ultra so I'm always trying to try to keep my mom and her happy place goodness. It's I visited her yesterday. And the plan was I'm a Rotarians and I go after my rotary meetings. We didn't have a meeting yesterday so I thought okay I'm GonNa go earlier and I will go my plan about noon and they would be down with lunch and then I would take her to a restaurant. I would eat. Get Her something small to snack on. Whatever just so we had that nice socialization. Because she's she still verbal but nothing she says makes sense. It sounds like it makes sense and people will look at me and like Oh you know. What is she talking about like? Give me the historical context kind of question and it's like there is no historical context because this makes no sense and so. I try to give her this nice visit so yesterday we were. I get disrupted like just as leaving. The door landscaper comes and he's got questions. I'm like dude. I'm hungry. I need to go get my mom so I can get makes no sense. It worked and I got there like Korda one and she's still having lunch. I'm like they never have to like eleven as I usually can't get there early enough to actually eat with them break so I was like she didn't see me so I'm like okay and I went out in the courtyard. Did a couple of things on my phone whip back. In most of the residents were done. She was still leading. She's also at the stage of Alzheimer's where she has difficulty with eating utensils but she has difficulty eating with her hands. So that's that's a challenge. And so most of the residents were done. The tables in the floors discuss you just covered in food. And I'm like there's no way I'm eating with these people in this. I'm not a Germaphobe Neat freak but not that bad and it was just it was just too much like she's still eating okay and like at this point. I'm starving because it's now like one o'clock and I usually Thirty noon so it's getting rather late and I'm like okay. Well this is just completely screwed up all plans for that I. I went to lunch and the plan was go. Get MOM HAVE LUNCH. Visit with her for about an hour per back off. And then I was going to reward myself with shopping at Michael's and maybe Joann fabrics because we've just moved and we have a lot of neutral so I needed to find the POPs of color. That was the plan but I had to pass Michaels to get back to her. Okay like that's just dumb. I'm like you know what it's not. GonNa make much difference at this point so I did my Michael Stuff. Which was yesterday was such a Monday. I gather inventory people blocking every aisle Mike Really. I'm just going home going home. I'm giving up underway now by persevered. I went and I had you know I got mom. And you know the I went to Pinera and they always like. Oh you WANNA pastry for ninety nine cents which always say no. Do not need the sugar. I got that for her. You know so. We sat there on the bench in the sunshine. I'm in northern California so the sun is very warm. Breeze was quite chilly. So the combination very pleasant. He sat out of the bench Hannah just sat there eating the cookie. Hopefully she got more cookie than I did. It was the plan and she just wasn't like in the mood to talk. Mike Okay. I've learned the hard way. Not Not push so dumb with them with a cookie and she said something and I said agreed with her. She said I don't know what you're talking about. I'm like just agreed with how I said such a nice to have but we go for a walk. And this is where. My Mom's Alzheimer's is really interesting because she always wants to. Make sure that we're doing what you want. And whatever you need it it's always. Yui New Right looks like well. I don't WanNa be here and I don't want to sit here with you. Not Talk I want to do any of this. But it's necessary so she said whenever you want to find or walking his. She's had a lot of pain when walking. Yeah and she didn't seem to have a lot of pain yesterday so I thought okay. We walked all the way around the residents and we got back and it was about thirty. Four o'clock she starts getting really crabby. So Mike Hey it's time for me to go back to work and I took her back in. And that was that was the end of the day except the as I was leaving. There was a gentleman from the assisted living part of the community sitting on the bench for the cute little dogs target him. I'm like okay well. This was not the way I planned my day. But it worked out okay. Mom and I had a decent visit. We didn't have any any words so that was cool. Yeah the I think we should talk about the nutritional support. 'cause I wonder sometimes. Yeah I know personally if I did not get a good night's sleep I wake up and my brain is going. Let's have some doughnut stuff that I don't it's like don't don't don't don't eat donuts. And it's not gonNA help look brain. You need a nap. Not crabby food is fine. It's fascinating it's like thankfully I know why it's doing it. It's looking for quick fuel but don't Sugar even gives me quick fuel. And so you said you put your this. Gal Aliens on plant based Diet Yes. It's very let's talk. It's very similar to the To the mind diet so I don't know if you're familiar with the mind diet I am but you can. You can give a highlight just in case this is somebody's first episode so basically for me. It's just like saying Mediterranean without all the grains. That's what it is similar is. I don't In that's actually because I had diabetes type. Two through my through my journey with an her sister has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and I have a friend a really good friend who's MOM's been diagnosed with dementia and so I've had to go through the journey with them too and Try to help. Help them with some strategies and What I found was is that it was all the same and that diabetes type two can turn into diabetes type three which is actually Alzheimer's dementia. So who knew that my sugar problem could eventually turn into something really bad for me someday. So sugar you know was definitely something. I had to make sure to get off the menu as fast as possible and then jumped to the mind diet so the mind diet is the Mediterranean Mediterranean Diet which is plant based it would be green leafy vegetables it would be Sprouted allies say sprouted seeds. Because I don't think you should eat seeds unless they've been sprouted and I don't think you should eat nets unless they've been soaked but that's just because those those specific seeds and nuts they have a big acid on the outside was protects their shell and when they get activated those that acid comes off while if we just eat it were depending on our stomach. Digestive acids to get rid of that which actually throws a neuro toxin in the mix so your brains like what? Am I supposed to do that so sometimes people might say? I can't eat mets. It always makes my tummy get all bound up or I can't eat seeds same thing so they feel like that's happening. Probably a good chance. They need to break their seeds and nuts down before the item so I generally sprout and So all of them to the point. Where blend them and make net cheese before? I'll eat them right out of a bag just because it seems to again. It's what works for you. Everybody has to find what works for them so with the Mediterranean or the mind diet. I removed rice. No rice rice turns empty sugar so little story drew. I used to have hypoglycemia. And then it turned into diabetes type two because I had a gluten allergy so decided to go get all gluten products at the store Boxes they all say gluten free gluten free gluten free gluten free gluten free. The trouble is is that it's processed food says not really food and it other trouble is is that it's mostly made of rice. Rice converts to sugar whole. That's true I never thought of that within Lena but never looked like if in one year I had diabetes. Tikoo and I gained forty

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Can we use food as medicine?

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