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Over 1.5 billion people globally told to stay home.


One point five billion people globally toll to stay home to avoid virus. Trump weighs restarting economy despite warnings from public health officials and Boris Johnson imposes nationwide lockdown in UK. It's Tuesday march twenty four. I'm Anthony Davis with mosques. Ventilators and political goodwill in desperately short supply more than one fifth of. The world's population was ordered or urged to stay in their homes at the start of what could be a pivotal week in the battle to contain the corona virus in the US and Europe Partisan Division stoled efforts to pass a colossal aid package in Congress and stocks fell again on Wall Street. Even after the Federal Reserve said it would lend to small and large businesses and local governments to help them through the crisis. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost over five hundred and eighty points all three percent warning that the outbreak continues to accelerate the head of the World Health Organization called on countries to take strong coordinated action the scramble to Marshall Public Health and political resources intensified in New York where a statewide lockdown took effect amid worries the city of eight point. Four million is becoming one of the world's biggest hotspots more than twelve thousand. People have tested positive in the city and almost one hundred have died. The governor there announced plans to convert mammoth New York City Convention Center into a hospital with a thousand beds. Meanwhile the mayor warned. The city's hospitals are just ten days away from shortages in basic supplies needed to protect health care workers and patients alike. This is going to get much worse before it gets better. We are still in the relative calm before the storm said Governor Andrew Cuomo in Italy the hardest hit country of all declines in both new cases and deaths for second consecutive day provided a faint glimmer of hope though it's too soon to say whether the crisis is leveling off Italian officials said virus has claimed just over six hundred more lives down from seven hundred ninety three two days earlier all told. The outbreak has killed more than six thousand Italians. The highest death toll of any country and pushed the health system to the breaking point there and in Spain the risk to doctors nurses and others on the front line has become plain. Italy has seen at least eighteen doctors with corona virus die. Spain reported that more than three thousand nine hundred healthcare workers have become infected accounting for roughly twelve percent of the country's total cases. British health workers pleaded for more gear saying they felt like cannon fodder the crisis continue to ease in China the city of Wuhan where the outbreak I emerge late. Last year said it's allowing residents limited movement as its lockdown is gradually relaxed. China is now sending planeloads of protective gear and doctors to Europe. The US is completely wasting the

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Over 1.5 billion people globally told to stay home.

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