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I Reuben Schwarz founder of member in the serum for people who ate selling and host and chief nursing on the sales for nerds. Podcast here to talk to you about having more conversations and specifically having more video conversations email social media texting all this stuff. It's kind of like the fast food of human interaction. It's fast it's cheap it's convenient but it's really not very nourishing and it's one thing if we use those tools to set up real conversations. It's another thing if we consider them replacements for actual conversation so both from a business perspective pipeline perspective and just from a human psychology perspective. We need to be having conversations with people. That's what we do. That's how we exist. It's one thing in quote Unquote Normal Times. Maybe we do a bunch e mailing and texting and then we get together with people now. That corona is forcing us to socially distance ourselves from folks. We want to use technology to overcome that so by all means pick up the phone a phone call is exponentially more interesting communicates exponentially more information than e mail a taxed some kind of interaction on social media. But what I really encourage you to do is video. Call people whether it's through zoom or skype or facetime or whatever. Actually seeing people is important especially when we're Kinda shut in right now and I'm actually going so far as to force myself to record this as a video which Scott always likes people to do. But I don't WanNa do that because I don't want to see myself on video right just like everybody else but it's really what we need to be doing because we're supposed to be seeing people not just talking to them one thing to have the phone call when we can also see them at some other time or we just got out of a meeting with them we call him back the next day but if we're not seeing people for weeks or months that's going to cause a bunch of problems. Psychologically were supposed to see people we care about and also from a perspective. It's a lot harder to build trust without actually seeing people. So there's a million tutorials out there on how to set up your office for video calling. I'm not gonNA reiterate that if you need a quick very amateurish one you can go to memory dot com and see a video that I posted about my setup but you can tell it's not the worse set up in the world but it's certainly not professional level but the point is it's good enough to interact with people and it's good enough that I shouldn't stop interacting with people while I try to get the setup to be fancier now the next thing is we just WanNa have a lot of conversations. That's what we should be doing. And if you're a sales person who has fifty conversations day already make sure you keep that up. Tried to do it over video. If you're the kind of person like I was who would have a couple of conversations today think that was a lot. It can actually be so much easier than you think. If you have just a handful of conversations each one has a lot of pressure to make it harder awkward or etc and that reinforces itself in a vicious cycle. If you have a lot of conversations it takes all the pressure off each one. Yes we want to be professional. We WanNA show up. We want to close the deals that we need to close. We want to help the clients that we need to help but sometimes calls are going to go wrong. Sometimes they're going to get rescheduled sometimes deals go south in ways that we don't control no matter what if we have a healthy pipeline not just of quote unquote deals but of conversations? That stuff will will play out and it will be fine. We don't have a lot of pressure we don't have to act like we're trying to avoid getting a set of steak knives or getting fired. We're just there to help folks especially now block off time in your calendar to be calling people if you've got prescheduled calls obviously that's great but otherwise just go through the people that you want to talk to and of course that's prospects clients partners those urgent calls and hopefully we're making those but I know from my own experience from packing a lot of other people. Sometimes those things fall off the plate to and then it's also the interesting people that we want to talk to especially now right. Parents COUSINS FRIENDS SPOUSES. Who are stuck somewhere else. Have those conversations and if possible have him over video? Make sure also that you're talking to the interesting people that you like talking to that give you energy and business will come from. This may not come from this call or that call but over time. Business will come in a way that lets you relax and just focus on having an interaction. Human interaction with people as opposed to got close close. I've got a close now. The one thing I do want to mention about video people tend to know you know. Keep your eye level and try to look at the light and so on but tip from Vanessa van Edwards on sales for nerds. She's brilliant by the way. Check her out. Try to make it more like a face to face interaction where you can see. Someone's hands especially in sales hands are all about trust. We are programmed as humans to be a little suspicious when we can't see someone else's hands and if you're doing this and try to have a conversation that's not how we have conversations. We have conversations actually further back but we should at least be able to see what someone's doing with their hands that's going to help with trust render sleep and if you do get in a situation where you're doing a video call and then you share documents and screens and so on. Make sure that you don't just close the meeting down after that. Go back to the face to face video though same way you would if you were huddling over documents in person before you wrap up. And as the enforcer said only connect this is the best tool. We've got right now. Don't be scared of the video. Make time to actually connect with folks over video.

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