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Simple question. Why do we need a program? Accelerate and how pioneering is it Shawn? Okay thanks Keith Unwelcome everybody accelerate to think is Is Important to the the Welsh economy. The WHO he thought of it was kind of speed up the development of innovation within the life science sector but also the sport Deanna Jess and charitable organizations. That they're trying to do things to better health care and to improve wellbeing and in the principality so I think accelerate in that sense is really essential to the future. Wales okay. So let's imagine you'd Entrepreneur I with innovation that you think could benefit the health service and ultimately patients and you're very excited about it but Bit Slack about where to go next for example with get access to clinicians patients. If I wanted to test that perhaps perhaps you can tell us about the options there. Yeah so for Cardiff University. We've got that link between Cardiff unveil health boards answer the clinical innovation partnership where we often hold an MD tea. Which is a multidisciplinary team meeting every Monday? Where people can come along and present such projects so in front of this project board. We've seen people such as clinicians porters nurses academics medical students come present their ideas to us. We've had a number of industries. Come in as well with some project ideas who are required that link our understanding that clinicians and academics can support and provide through this forum. So that's the important part for for us within Cardiff University. As well as that's wash economic development is linked to patients clinicians and academia to see that health economic benefit as well as patient benefit strikes. Me As being really interesting areas. It's not just about established businesses. But you're taking soundings ideas and suggestions frahm individuals students clinicians and even patient troops in some cases. That's the your Europe she based in Swansea in your research. Experience includes things like in vitro bench test in what way through to support clinical investigation the medical devices launching products evaluation etc. I mean how how in your experience how difficult is product onto the market and how can accelerate or htc help in that respect. Y- apparently being based with an SME who went from basic patent on a piece of paper through to launch products. It's not easy. It is difficult. Lots of different challenges for me I think is about having the right expertise around you and expertise early on so that informs all our D. That you do away thought. H D C can help have technology centre and Swansea. University is that we have a team of sixteen people. They're all multi skilled. They've got Fast Array of expertise talk that we also can tap into the the academic staff within the school of Medicine as well on the wider university. So we've got a lot of expertise that to try and help them get. Get people that knowledge on those people around them to help them early on. I think one of the more challenging things is the regulatory pathway. Potentially making sure you've got the right people around you to support you show. Attic is particularly interested in assistive technologies. That's right isn't it? Yeah I mean that's the that's kind of the core of The the attic offering but to be honest We we're finding it working across a wide spectrum of Different sectors so A NASCAR exciting. I mean it could be you know digital products and services through to physical products and so it's I think is important to kind of understand. The science sector is is quite broad. Which means that you know Attic and got involved in You know in terms use a testing and analysis of sort of medical products or things which are a little bit more cutting edge like the Internet of things type sensors that people can then use to monitor elderly people in home for example so so it is quite broad in that sense but also I think Moscow exciting is starting to recognize that there are companies out there. On the periphery of the license actor. That may be astonished to consider moving into it So we can also help them as well with product development and an Kenneth Challenges that they might have in terms of innovation process. And you know it's so it's It's it's beyond just what we can initially considered to be the life science sectors much broader opportunity in an ns be clear. The collaboration element is is clever across the partners but we also collaborate in between the partners and the and the company's not providing direct funding. Were not doing stuff for them exactly. This is kind of a shared activity. Bus Right isn't it absolutely? Yes so everything we do. We we aim to go. We aim for effective. Rnd collaboration so we put in fifty percent. The company's fifty cents on a very much a joy joint venture Anna's Shawn's already mentioned in some of the benefits of that is we can transfer knowledge between the university so the company from the company to the university. So you know. We're all in rural from the experience is really important. And Sean fifty percent is not is not necessarily about money is it. This is about time this is about expertise is about facilities and equipment as well. Yeah it definitely I think One of the crucial things is that the the program allows companies to get access to stuff that they would normally be able to access And they might have a law plans for commercial development But they just simply don't have the capacity so the the accelerate program unlocks the potential by providing additional staff time resources and an inability to research particular challenges and problems that the company needs to overcome. But because they don't have the capacity you know they maybe go so far but then they they hit war base. At Lisa's is the accelerate program is unlocking opportunity than for them. So and another important aspect of this is well is the you know we can. We can do quite small pieces of work with a company that then provide them with inhabitants. Base that can they can then look for additional funding and draw down money from other sources than actual money to develop the product and take it take it to market a bit quicker than so so we kind of You know we provide in a kind of like for like service really if they if they want to develop within in the commitment to do that we can weaken our commitment to that to make sure that it actually can become a tangible output. At the end of the

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