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Some of us going back to work


Coming up with a relief package after the United States government really and and the government overall at all levels federal state local has shut down all business because of a pandemic virus this is doing their job isn't it I think the celebration here is a little strange I think that maybe that's the only approach that like Mitch McConnell is trying to get it done I understand he's trying to deal with Senate Democrats who have no integrity to protect and so that gives them a lot a lot of to do whatever they want but this okay it's going to help I'm but people are asking what do you think of it is in perfect it's not gonna help everyone it's not gonna be enough money for some people it's it's a band aid on a gaping wound that is what this is gaping wound on our economy so we should all be clear on that right now this is not like okay we're good for sixty days ninety days all I wish I wish we could all have a ninety day government funded stay at home period to get past this whole virus right I really wish that was the case people that are looking at this honestly I understand that it's much more likely that we're going to have to see another relief package by about the middle of the next month right around when trump is talking about the possibility of some of us going back to work

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Some of us going back to work

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