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Pelosi says House will take up coronavirus relief bill on Friday


House speaker Nancy Pelosi says that massive two point two trillion dollar coronavirus economic relief bill approved by the Senate will pass the house tomorrow with strong bipartisan support Andrew Jember it is R. A. B. C. news correspondent following this in Washington right well most of the fighting in the sparring with the in the Senate but this bill just before midnight Wednesday night pack the the Senate struck a deal it passed with unanimous consent ninety six zero nobody voted against it and now it's going to head to the house where we're expecting about Friday and it's fully fully expected the path now here's the thing obviously they're way more house members and there are Senate members and due to limited flight options the house technically being on reset house members being installed quarantine several states mandating stay at home orders this is what the house is going to do they're going to vote to approve the belt by a voice vote so they won't need all members to return to the capital to participate in a recorded roll call vote once they vote and pass this stimulus package in the house and house speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that it will it'll head straight to the president's desk to sign into law before

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Pelosi says House will take up coronavirus relief bill on Friday

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