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There's a couple there's a couple of places specifically where to focus one is that

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Chuck Schumer, David Brooks And America discussed on PBS NewsHour

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Right we've already lost part of our country there's a couple great pieces that

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People would have died if we did

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Senator Mcconnell, Nancy Pelosi And Doctor Burke discussed on Politics and Public Policy Today

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Out there are actually very frightening to people but I can tell you if you go back and look at Wuhan and and who may and all of these provinces when they talk about sixty thousand people being in fact even if you said all right well there's a symptomatic and all of that so you get a six hundred thousand people out of eighty million that is in no where close to the numbers that you see people putting out there I think it is frightening the American people I think on a freezing model that you just run full out you can get to those numbers if you have a zero controls and you do nothing and we know that every American is doing something the numbers that were used to form a lot of the journalism and informed sets consensus last week some of them I I'm I'm gonna say the numbers I'm always should be specific here's some of the numbers but the most prominently use numbers and models from a week or two ago are wrong that is what doctor Brooks is saying here