US surgeon general on the coronavirus crisis


Me I am joined by the United States Surgeon General admiral Dr Jerome Adams adeno Adams welcome it's great to have you on the program thank you for all you have been doing great to talk with you again if you I I tell you the last time we talked about opioid out corona virus that hopefully one time we can talk about something that that's positive and it's going well in this country but I tell you we're in day nine of our fifteen days to stop the spread question to their credit many people in place of the following the guidelines they're hunkering down but what I want everyone to understand is that your two weeks away from being new York city two weeks ago in New York City had less than twenty cases and now they have an attack rate equivalent to Italy and that's why we need everyone to be taking aggressive steps and not waiting until we see more cases before they stepped inside to play at home thank you for that message general how is your health how's your family's health thank you for asking about that it's tough I've got three kids at home and I'm trying to keep my wife and kids from killing each other we're trying to stay busy one of the most important thing that help people live that being socially defense doesn't mean you have to be socially disengaged but they're going out and they're hiking extent six feet apart we're trying to keep a schedule around the house we're trying to do the things that that you need to do to stay mentally and physically healthy because we know the healthier you are the more resistance you will be to the complications of coronavirus excellent now I'm going to plunge into some of the new drug application technical stuff but as journalist I need to know and I think that the country needs to know before I do that a couple of quick process questions when I see you up in front and ambassador Berks and doctor patchy and cheered I never want to see all three of you together because I never want you to to get each other infected who is deciding who shows up when for the daily briefings well that's a great question and it's funny because we can't win when one of us is missing the the the media ask where's Dr Fauci where Dr Adam where's the after party but when we're all up there together everyone says we're not modeling good behavior it's important for people to know that the White House check all about her symptoms and for temperature before we come in and we are doctors we will definitely have them bathroom breaks that this weekend stay at home if we all feel that there is a concern but we decide based on the news of the day and what we think people need to vote for president last week we knew that there was a potential shortage of blood and we felt that I was the best messenger so I was up there telling America it's still safe to go out and give blood when we need to talk about medications and and back in the virus itself you want twenty thousand who is the number one person in the world the talk about the virus and so we pick and choose based on who that need but also to try to better practice social distancing sure the message on the blood drives the Nixon foundation of which I'm also the head will be running for as a response to your request that we do so because we have the facility and I hope everyone else in America now let me ask you about two things I spent two hours talking to retired PhD toxicologist who had that left big pharma two years ago on Saturday to trying get smart I know how much I don't know but it also occurred to me do you have a registry of recently retired toxicologists epidemiologists and and are you considering gathering them someplace remote from DC to get their collective wisdom on this absolutely believe you me I am getting emails texts phone calls every point linked in from from people calling all over the the country and all over the world Toni found she have that network of people he'd been doing it since back yeah before H. I. V. and so we are listening to people were trying to bring the best advice together we are really the conduits for that information please don't think America that it's just me and Dr Burke and Dr Fauci they're deciding everything is really taking the best medical information and Dr Burkett been really good at making sure every task force meeting start with a review of the latest scientific information now I have only one recommendation and it's on behalf of me and my friends in the media would you and doctor birch and doctor felt she run a seminar on clinical trials and safety testing both on the efficacy of the treatments on the long term impact of co interventions so that we are smart we're not very smart about this people are asking dumb questions all the time they need a couple hours education will somebody give it to us collectively I don't know if you've been listening in on our task force meeting do not you but that's exactly what we've been talking about trying to do moving forward is that it once we can get into a steady groove in the important people know that us going to female one level of activation which the president did earlier this week brings in new resource in every state of activated their emergency operations center at the request of the president and that's been freed us up to be able to do more of the educational thing that we would like to do for the community so the answer is yes we are looking at trying to figure out how to get the information out to the American people so they can make informed decisions and the president has said he's hopeful the medication will work we're hopeful it medication for work and big trial starting today in New York City but we also need to collect the data so it's trust but also make sure we gather the data to protect people and please people don't do not do not drink fish cleaner fish tank cleaner we are not out there telling people to get their stuff in a way that you can because it can be dangerous and poisonous to you particularly if it's not from a medical doctor or a pharmacy about us we hope to have more information in the next coming days and weeks about how things are going in New

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