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We recorded yesterday's episode and then the direct just dropped out of nowhere on Thursday morning which is responsible very typical. Yeah it's not. It's not very typical though right because like usually Nintendo the day before will at least tweet out like. Hey there's a direct coming tomorrow or you know like hey there's a direct coming in two days but this is kind of unprecedented for them to just be like okay here. It is and it's it's odd because right you know. Usually they count on that to like bring in a bunch of people to watch that that premier live. I honestly thought it was really strange this morning to wake up and see like. Oh Nintendo just dropped thirty news games. Once as you. I see you could probably tell that. I'm a little annoyed because usually back as you can hear Zach Ryan joining us also chiming in right now. Is Brian Alto? But we're also joined because Casey is busy today by Seth Macy Long Distance. So while Brian what are you going to say I was GONNA say I meant typical in that. Nbc recorded yesterday and news broke after when you listen to the regular episode of NBC. This week you'll also hear a say hilarious things like I can't believe there's no borderlands on switch that's crazy why would there not be borderlands on switch and then literally less than twenty four hours later borderlands was switched? So you'll get that We are digging into this L. Let's just jump in. We're going to be going down our roundup article which you can find. You can actually go to this random article on. I dot Com to see all of the announcements as well as a poll. That's asking you. What your favorite reveal was from the tender direct so you can check that out but let's start at the top With the Smash Bros announcement which was kind of like a little bit of a half announcement right. They announced that the first fighter in the second fighter pass is going to be an arms character arriving in June and revealed in June. But we don't know which character yet and they need more time for which I bet it's a punch man a better man as the character that us. I was thinking fist girl. What else what about the other one might be showing perils? My was. They're leaving it open because it's going to be one of those things like like the Kupa lanes where every skin is a different character. Probably GONNA be the same arms fighters or something but I mean everybody was clamoring for more arms news so it makes sense that this would come be nice. People like people like the day like the like really like aren't arm team. This is a character like A. I'm not really like it's not a character. I'm disappointed to see Smash Bros and it's what I kind of thought that they were going to do in the first fighter pass anyway. It's it's certainly leads me to believe that. They're they're really still thinking about making arms a franchise. You know what I mean like. They said that like well development is still happening on arms to while they didn't say arm sue but they did hint that they're working on a sequel to arms legs. Chocking thank you so that was kind of shocking to me because I feel that game kind of came and went so fast it sold well and I think it like stuck around for a little bit but this this does. This news feels few years too late. I'm with you guys on that like I think if they had announced this character Few months after the launch it would have made a little bit more sense but I was going to be sorry. I was the protein shakes. I assumed that are there. Anonymous character was going to be the best game. I was surprised when the same kind of seems like a no brainer to put it like in the first round but it seems very weird to put it here in this third round of characters so the good thing is like they're they're coinciding with the allowing players to play the entire game for free for a little while. Which is I think. A smart move. It's basically a free switch game that you can download immediately and I think you know a Free First Party. Switch game Temporarily air quotes. But I think that's pretty awesome. Even if I didn't super get into that game us Mr Smash Redman Right now but like I'm not like overly crazier excited about the idea of like arms character but I am excited about the prospect of what an arms character as a smash. Bros fighter would be like. I think that character could be really fun to play. Yeah like I think that that it would be a a a nice medium distance character. You know like a lot of like good good. Reach a lot of great recovery probably. Yeah I interested as a fighting cared. I'm interested in it as a fighting game. I just think it's a weird move in terms of like their overall oeuvre at this point but because I I kind of assumed that nintendo would would do arms and see the reception and then just like okay. Well we tried that. Once we're bacteria we had small technical issues there but we're back to talk now about Zena bed Conoco's definitive addition We got a release date for this. May Twenty ninth. They also just like showed off a bunch of the game. This was sort of the headliner. aside from polk Amman. I think it's thing they spent the most time on this. Yup I've I've said my piece about Zena Blade chronicles on this show. I'M GONNA JUST YOU. Y'All go ahead and talk about this game. I'm good who is played it because I missed it back in the day. I also missed it back in the day. I played it. Okay your first one Brian. Yeah Yeah are you like did. Did you like what you saw here in terms of re master and definitive edition? Whatever they want. I mean this is like while I probably won't dive into this. This is obviously gigantic news. For people who love this game This is a highly beloved game that will take hundreds of hours finish and putting that on switches. Never bad news Personally it's not something. I'm really intrigued about but every time I've sort of been like oh who's even excited about this. Millions of people are like us and so I will just say I am happy for all of you who are happy for this game even though it's not for me personally Good luck and Godspeed. I hope you enjoy your fun time with the video game coming this year but I will say I'm really am excited that we just have another mainline. Switch Game. Release date this year. Like that's exciting to me But beyond that. I'm excited because when I was asking about if I should start seeing a blade chronicles two million years ago. The thing from people as you should really play the first one I but it's also not worth going. It's like it's more trouble than it's worth to go back to it because it's kind of an aged game so seeing this as like looking pretty much just as good as chronicles to now makes me want to be like. Oh Yeah I I can actually play this. Which is which is really exciting. Yeah I think the graphically like the overhaul looks gorgeous. The character models look really really good. The environments look really good. I think that the one thing that I really liked about chronicles to the ten hours that I spent with it was like it's just insane to see that expansive sort of open world those kinds of areas on the switch. No game does it anywhere near that good except for maybe breath of the wild so. Brian said I think it's really cool for fans of Zeno Blade. I'm stoked that they're get a chance to free. Play this one of the most exciting announcements for a lot of people at least gen our calm according to our poll was Two K Games announced their K. Announced that a bunch of there are coming so we're getting the bioshock collection which is a shock. One two and infinite. We're getting borderlands legendary collection and we're getting X. come to the X. Come to collection but that's really just like it in it's steel see Vats THREE SERIES. That are fantastic. All coming to switch and like on also on May Twenty Ninth. So this is like really. That's really cool thing. That's once that's like huge support from two K ma. My only concern here is that I hope that the bioshock collection that they're putting out for switch has been retooled since it was released for xbox and ps four there was awesome right really serious issues with that collection in even now like my friend just replayed through Bioshock two and she had like a bunch of glitches in issues and stuff in in the bioshock collection. So I'm hoping that that it's been ironed out before or will be ironed out before it comes to the

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