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Sure good morning seven o'clock here in London for three in the morning in the eastern United States the U. S. has now overtaken both China and Italy to register the most coronavirus cases in the world we took him to a doctor in Boston paying tributes to colleagues in New York one of the worst affected areas the physicians and I'm responsible are among the bravest people that you'll ever encounter they are truly marvelous people they love it and they have a mission they treat the community in the community loves them back from Germany with being the nation's scientist that who believe they have developed a quicker way to test the code is nineteen I'm from Britain the story of a family being made homeless during a period of lockdown close to view the latest in business and support someone some football season this this is the latest BBC news with rates remaining president trump has said figures which showed the United States now has more confirmed cases of corona virus than any other country every tribute to the number of tests being carried out the US has recorded more than eighty five thousand positive cases to overtake China and Italy although those countries still have more deaths on North America editor Jon Sopel has more details exactly a month ago Donald Trump declared that only a handful of coronavirus cases in the US now it's the world at the center for the disease

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Welcome to Newsday on the BBC world

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