Broadway star Ruthie Ann Miles pregnant 2 years after daughter, unborn baby died in accident


Star Ruthie and miles route the and at her husband. Jonathan Bloom in Stein are expecting a little nugget so the thirty six year old actress. She shared the special pregnancy news on Saturday afternoon Which wasn't Sunday because which is great so not. Everything happened on Sunday since Saturday. Plus she shared her pregnancy news on Saturday afternoon with a heart warming message to her social media followers She also thanked everyone for their wonderful support especially center. Baby announcement comes two years after her. Two kids were tragically killed in a crash. That is just absolutely heartbreaking. Like so I'm GonNa give you guys a quick story or not story but just what went down so back in March of two thousand eighteen A then pregnant ruth and she was pregnant at this time. You guys a then pregnant. Ruthie aunt her four year old daughter. Abigail were hit by a driver as they were leaving church sadly Ruthie and unborn child and her four year. Old Toddler passed away in the tragic accident. And what's even more heartbreak gang? Is that route? The aunt was expected to give birth a few weeks after the accident so she was about to give birth to this baby and then this accident happened so that is your psych so sad. But she's expecting a nude bundle of joy soon so in her instagram posts. She wrote we'd like to announce are very happy news. We are expecting another child the spring. Thank you especially to the many of you who supported us in the aftermath of the crash continually lifted us in prayer and doused us with love encouraged us let us be engraved these two years and now rejoice with us in this news live.

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