Jobless claims surge to record 3.3 million people


The pandemic related surge in unemployment claims in the U. S. continues to reach unprecedented levels last week applications for jobless benefits top three million the onset of the corona virus in the United States has upended the labor market here many employers carried out sweeping layoffs in anticipation of disruptions that could drag on for months the coronavirus economic relief package passed by the U. S. Senate has received lots of attention for the twelve hundred dollar checks that'll be going to Americans but is in Paris and yell courts labor explains a greatly expanded unemployment program could be even more helpful to many families the bill would add six hundred dollars onto each weekly unemployment check for four months that's a meaningful bump currently unemployment checks average around three hundred seventy dollars the additional money would mean the average worker would have their wages fully replaced the bill would also extend the length of unemployment insurance people are allowed to receive by thirteen weeks currently the maximum in most states is twenty six weeks or half a year in addition many more people including the self employed and new entrants to the job market would be able to sign up for the program if passed by the house this could be a widely used program as the economy suffers a crippling blow due to the pandemic last week new jobless claims hit nearly three point three million shattering previous records Danielle Kurtzleben

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