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If there's ever a time when all of us need a little comfort it's now and you know what's giving me the most comfort this week. Andrea what's that? It's the realization that we live around a lot of amazingly kind generous people. So let's start off by sharing what's been happening in our communities were. We're watching neighbors step up and support each other in all sorts of ways. We have such a range of different kinds of things that people are willing to provide their neighbors In addition to money in housing and things like that things like delivery or child care or some people are artists in saved like they're willing to do online video chat sessions doing our. That's Jerry Medina. She's one of the founders of a local mutual aid group that's a grassroots network of people offering and requesting help so these groups are mostly organizing online but there are also posting flyers texting calling neighbors to let them know how they can get help and these mutual aid groups are popping up all over the country with people willing to buy groceries for each other to take care of each other's pets to entertain kids while parents are working. Some people have even open their homes to total strangers. Who need a place to stay? And we've heard a lot about that here in Boston because we've got so many college students and so many of them have had to leave their dorms and they've got nowhere to stay within not even our. I think that we saw this person. I'm staff often offer this to the student. That's why I think this is such a powerful way of practicing community. It's like Ben the nicest thing to observe during this entire time you know have seen local businesses stepping up to. It's a really trying time for anyone in the restaurant industry but Dmitri Murphy who owns Daddy Jonesboro nearby. Somerville is really stepping up. Even though they've had to close for the time being a couple of our staff are still working and they're doing so because they're delivering food to families in need. When I saw that we weren't going to be go bring kids to school. I was like wow restaurants have food and we are going to need to get it somewhere and these kids aren't going to school in Somerville. Maybe we can turn the need of the restaurants and all of our restaurants into a way to help the community and of course they're individuals who are just helping on their own like has saroj. She's a school principal living in Milton Massachusetts. So I do have a friend. Who is mean compromise? His bodily agreed to take an offer signed. GonNa do some shopping for her. Today cooks the meals and drop those off. Put up a post on her facebook page. She said she was willing to help anyone who needed food pickups or even cooking. She also said she was willing to take care of the of working parents. I think there is the capacity to love in Cairns showed kindness. I hope that there is more communication around folks that can check in with their neighbors. Like if you know that you have a neighbor who lives by themselves to knock on their door. Maybe wear masks leaving. No even just say you need something. Call me

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