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Present on the three point three that shot was going you just suggested it six to seven million a lot of those were guided says as I said some people are projecting that would be six or seven and it's I believe three point three million Americans out of work some of them will be losing their insurance how what's your plan to make sure there's no fault of your own you just mentioned if they stay in shirt are you going to plus up the subsidies for some exchanges under obamacare expanded Medicaid what's being said so well I mean the things I just read to you are being considered and other things are being considered people are going to be getting big checks and it's it's not their fault what happened to them is not their fault also we're doing we're doing a lot of different things on health insurance we have meetings on it today we're taking care of our people this is not their fault what happened and we're taking care was starting off by sending them very big checks I think for a family of four it's about three thousand dollars and taking care of our people are taking care of our workers this was not you know as I say this was on a financial crisis is was a health crisis a medical crisis we're gonna take care of a people's place yeah.

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A new story from Mac and Gaydos

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