House leadership advises members to return to DC as Rep. Massie weighs roll call vote on stimulus package


Here's the thing about the whole situation with without massive we were talking about it acid being the the representative from Kentucky the Republican yes Kentucky right talking about possibly objecting to the voice vote so essentially procedurally you know they ask for voice if nobody objects they go to a voice well right but if someone objects they have to call everybody and they got to get a quorum which is two hundred sixteen members right the report is one source saying gas the Massey show right now so he's running the whole thing what well the thing is is you're not going to before represented a Massey you're not going to change anything right you may get you know you may get some Flack from your you want should possibly show your constituents in your district in Kentucky that you stood ground and you want to force it to a vote so you can be on record of saying no but it's not going to change anything and I don't know that it helps you much and you're just right because every I'm glad you explained that because in a voice vote either you are not registered right for for how you voted and so apparently he wants to make it clear but house leadership advise members on Thursday to it last night Thursday evening to come back to Washington on Friday morning if possible as tall tall or top lawmakers told the hill dot com they anticipate that representative Thomas Massie Republican of Kentucky would call for a roll call vote on the two trillion dollar stimulus package passed in the Senate earlier this week house Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and house minority leader Kevin McCarthy aim to pass the bipartisan measure via voice vote in the lower chamber in an attempt to minimize the health risks for members who have traveled long distances amid the pandemic but according to multiple house members messages threatening to derail leaders plans taking issue with its cost and the process used to pass it through the upper chamber Mr horror and Mr McCarthy previously expected that the vote on HR seven eighty four of the corona virus aid relief and economic security act would be done by voice vote but there is now a possibility that the house Republican may suggest a quorum that if a court that suggested of a quorum is not present an attempt to call for a recorded vote on final passage sources and horrors press shop said we have notified our members of the possibility that the bill may not passed by voice vote the majority leader's office has sent notice to members that if they are they are able and willing to be in Washington DC by ten AM to do so they are encouraged to do so while exercising all due caution so there you go yeah and it's going to pass and yeah it's I mean it's gonna pass we know what's well if you just if you're doing this just to put yourself on record for your you know constituents in your district this isn't the one this isn't the battle to pick I understand as a fiscal conservative I get it if you're looking at this the weight Lindsey Graham looked at it and a lot of people looked at it then Lizzy Graham you know fought the fight and try to get as a member of post on that unemployment thing limiting that unemployment so people wouldn't make more on unemployment total than they do with their jobs right now I get that but the point is is that you're going to be the one guy and trust me things change when people are waiting for that cash because they've been told now for what probably the last twenty four thirty six maybe forty eight hours how much money they're going to get they've been able to figure out how much money they're going to get even in your district representative Massey there are people who may be otherwise fiscally conservative but they're going to bite the bullet here because they want that money in their bank accounts the point is is that I don't think this battle works for you politically I don't think it works for anybody politically right now because you simply say I was one of the notes for the for the for the voice vote but it's not going to be an issue now this is not going to be that issue if you wanted if you really wish to start off is to stand up as we've said in normal times it's like you and I were looking at at social media yesterday and we said where were all these people in so called conservatives in normal times right when we were the ones railing against where the Republicans were going and taking you know taking the hits Ford from Republicans who now believe in much more government spending in normal time price the the problem is the problem of where we've gotten to is not because of even flawed bills that are passed in dire emergencies in extraordinary time brought it's because we spend too much in normal times right and I saw a ton on social media yesterday of Republican conservatives who were outraged you know for example by twenty five million dollars you know for the national domino the arts of the Kennedy center whatever and just furious about it as if the world had ended yeah right anyone I asked where were you the last couple of years where were you when Republicans were in charge where were you Republicans are saying well we can't find it now get well now you're going to fight it right and some of the money being spent you know when you talk about those things is not a great day look twenty five million twenty five million but it's not a great deal of money when we look at the spending that has been done in other places which is the hot in in the form of hundreds of billions of dollars right yeah the permanent stuff I mean you look at the like the permanent change that we've we've seen with more more the tendency to spend more and more and a run of a trillion dollar deficit I'm not blink I look I don't remember maybe he was but I don't remember Massey in those times being you know the the the forefront on fox news at look I'm gonna be on fox news and say the spending that that the Republican Party is going for and you people on fox or even endorsing mmhm but you're not fighting for this where was he then right if you're damn furious about it to hold this up where were you back then again on principle I might agree with you in fact I had several worry right I'm telling you it if you're looking for political points in your district this isn't about this isn't the one this is a good this is not going to get you that win it's

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