'Safe Bars' emerge in Philadelphia


They're called safe bars establishments were staff members are trained and certified in how to reduce the risk of sexual harassment and assault in Philadelphia K. Y. W. John McDevitt women organized against rape or war runs a national program is popular in other cities but here in Philadelphia they're only four bars or staff members are trained and certified it's a difficult subject to talk about and not a lot of people want to talk about it Erin Wallace owns devil's den and eleventh in Ellsworth in south Philly she paid for the training for staff and says sexual harassment assault is disturbing to some of the conversation needs to take place it's like you put the fire sprinklers and before there's a fire ever talks about the training on what to expect it was a lot about you know reading situations the main thing is you know we're we're not S. and our staff to like go run down the street and tackle somebody in but it's about knowing a safe way to intervene to like change the subject or pull somebody away from the table and out of that situation and if need be call the cops were says among the benefits of the training customers will positive experiences are more likely to return and tell their friends about your

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