Namaste Trump: US president fills world's largest cricket stadium for political rally


Almost two weeks ago the US president. Donald Trump was in India for a quick two-day tour. They were no major announcements expected but donald trump was to speak in front of over one hundred thousand people at huge cricket stadium in the city of Ahmedabad it was an event that piqued the interest of South Asia correspondent. James Ocean Bash. It turns out local media when more than a little curious why an Australian journalist had decided to go along to the spectacle on me. That's the sound of more than one hundred thousand people welcoming. Us President Donald Trump at a new cricket stadium in Ahmedabad not just any cricket stadium the largest in the world. According to seating capacity the president is used to speaking at large political rallies but even hey admitted awake lighter went back in the US that this was something special. This was a political party. Indian style music was blasting people were dancing in the stands paper masks and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and president trump will being worn with glee and they were baseball caps with trump's name on them. Lots of baseball caps the back of the stadium. I'm sitting among many local media and a few other foreign journalists just trying to absorb it all and then something unexpected happened. An Indian TV journalists came up to me and asked if she could interview me a mistrial Ian replied assuming that she thought I was an American. It doesn't matter. She showed me turns out. She wanted a foreign perspective about Modi meeting trump. Why was an Australian journalist here? Does this change the way USTRALIA views? India is big news back home those sorts of questions now. India has a lot of rolling news channels more than twenty. I'm told and that means a lot of hours have to be filled with content on. Saint Live crosses done here for less so when I figured why. Not and within a minute of saying yes. We relies when all of this about say the cell but I will give you a sense of that. Maybe guests with me right now. James Lee Denisov Eaton. That's fine birth names off food related daily. Denise these all Geisha going to spawn in with ABC The Australian Broadcasting Corporation. James. I want to ask you. You obviously definitely give me the foreign media perspective. Paul you wheeling this particular democracies these elitist. Then you've seen a lot of billboards around which summit ipod nausea you've got the world's largest democracy welcoming the first democracy in fact the most powerful democracy so I certainly pro-meta Strategy and perspective with a lot of interest in how they get along and how countries get along as well On. Tv The interviewer and occupying about a third of the screen. Another thirties live pictures of the rally and surrounding. Those two boxes are distracting amount of flashing graphics with the American Flag Waving on screen and headlines about mody welcoming trump constantly changing before the viewers is Indian media is certainly more shoddy than back harm and that includes the news animations anyway back to the interview Australia itself. It's always how to focus on China and you can say that starting to shift quite significantly and even the fries. Indo Pacific is one that you hear a lot more nowadays now. That's the point of made a fair bit recently. In fact the last time I was on this program I said I expected to hear more from India incoming years but if that's true change will surely be gradual industrial change. The Way Australia looks at in there. I wouldn't say a particularly changes to why you've seen to be honest. I likely wouldn't have gone to Ahmedabad either. Weren't for this. Visual spectacle with Donald Trump went on to discuss Australia Mont possibly join India Japan and the US in naval exercises this year or next and that was the end of the interview. Only Latin that perhaps the media not belong to either in America. Third-country thought that would be the end of it. I sat back down waiting for the main event to start but then a man with a golden microphone started chatting to me. He was a reporter with another news station India. Today within minutes on back on the air answering the sign. Top of questions. There was also a bit of Banter about how Australia no longer had the largest cricket stadium in fact that was repeated to me several times in the Strip opposite studio me like this random person who answered a question about Donald Trump explaining that the M. C. J. was no longer the world's largest cricket stadium minutes after the interview with India. Today I had another request for a TV interview and then another eventually. I decided because I had my own reporting to concentrate on now as I mentioned before. There's a lot rolling news platforms in India. Sorry grubbing may or any foreign Janai for an interview. Could just be filler. But it did get me thinking about the rise of India. He had the president of the United States showering India. And it's people with price. I got the sense that this was a proud moment for many here. Regardless of their politics it signified a in. The wider world is viewing India having foreign journalists to report on that reinforce this view but regardless of what the future holds for India. It seems one thing. That's not in dispute. They now have the world's largest Cricket Stadium Great Story there with South Asia correspondent James Oaten.

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