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In politics what is your advice


Something right like we always say choose a candidate you want to win that the candidate you think will win and so like if you're young you don't have a five year plan I don't have a two year plan just find that you're passionate about and go help and see where it takes you hi Dan hi so I know you're very focused on the Senate and say by the grace of god we actually get McConnell al hello Jim medic of the scene do you think that would be like without obviously not solve all the problems but what do you think will actually happen like the benefits that are going to come from that if the Democrats are in charge of the Senate yes well so here's here's my what I imagine what I would hope the Democrats would do so we've taken the Senate we've taken the White House there is it's a beautiful inaugural day we are there Donald Trump is there because unless you have a Malani has not shown up

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In politics what is your advice

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