iPhone 11 will debut on Tuesday with launch happening next week


Apple has its annual showcase this week while the spotlight turns toward its newer products products on Tuesday. The Star of the show will remain the IPHONE. WSJ reporter trip nickel has more with Charlie Turner trip apple's annual publicity elicited showcase is Tuesday at its headquarters in Cupertino California apple will unveil three new iphones at this event correct three new iphones and and what they're bringing to these new iphones includes some new cameras on the rear of the devices. Is that the main new feature of these phones this time around that is the Maine new feature apples. <hes> you know seems to be placing a bet that a picture's worth a thousand dollars. I guess you could say they're charging on average about nine hundred forty nine dollars dollars for their phones and they'll put one new camera lens on the rear of each of the three devices. Are they going to have faster processors to make these new iphones run on faster correct typical update includes faster processors <hes> you know improve speed as a consequence of that and <hes> some some other bells and whistles but but in large part many analysts are looking at these funds and saying well frankly I think one use a quote they're going to be boring yeah. They're going to be on uninspiring like they're treading water but they still need to sell enough iphones to avoid really the debacle from last year right. I'm apples is in this awkward period where the fence still counts for more than half of its revenues and has to sell enough devices in order to be able to continue you to deliver half of its revenue. It has to look elsewhere for for growth though and and so that's kind of what this event the subtext of this event will be we're we're in a period where apple's beginning to bolt on more new new gadgets ancillary gadgets the iphone <hes> and services to the IPHONE and selling those as a way to deliver growth speaking of the iphone still isn't everyone looking forward to next year when apple's expected to release five G. IPHONES in the investor investor and analyst community. Certainly that's the case the five G. for iphone The iphone that everyone's anticipating. They're looking past this one already looking looking forward to next year. What about other devices trip the New Smart Watch Aka? The Apple Watch is supposed to be more tricked out. We're going to get some <hes> some updates in the health sphere on the Apple Watch but again it's going to be a modest update for the Apple Watch what about services like subscriptions for TV shows video. Oh Games haven't these things already been unveiled apple announced the new services for TV and video earlier this year. It's TV plus arcade or you're going to be the names aims of those. They're due out this fall. What we still don't know is what apple charge for those how it will price them <hes> in other words? We'll bundle these together in in some ways that you could buy multiple apple services for one low price and one more thing trip are the prices for <hes> the new iphones that are coming out are they are gonna stay the same what about that. The anticipation is that the pricing will stay the same that means an average price of about nine hundred forty nine dollars low in seven hundred forty eighty nine dollars for an LCD phone hyon twelve

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