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Talking Tech is brought to you by WICKS DOT COM creatine published a stunning website all from one powerful platform go to wicks dot com to create your very own professional website. Today that's W.. I. X DOT COM in stay tuned after the show to hear you can take advantage of whic special offer for talking tech listeners. I got now a cab in front of me. An audio interview about the world's most famous instagram most loved cat. How's that for big sentence we have Kooky and Shannon Ellis the two who've you own this cat yes okay so tell us four million followers on instagram right now? If I put the my confront Annella now it's not going to anything me out would be so incredible. Nello wants to eat the microphone so there will pass on that Pook. Tell us what happened with the cat. How did the can't become famous on instagram you know at first when I started at cow readout intention to make oh famous or anything I just want to share her Tunis with the world and his she's a rescue the animal so I just wanted to share who photo with people and then people love her and start following her and here we are saving years after four point one million or more four point two and she's sexiness book war record off the most popular head on instagram? She's looking at me right now. She would love to get out of that little box that little cage but she's being good okay so four point one million followers here you guys are. Heard how do you guys think now became so popular. What I mean? There are a lot of cats out there so what happened. She is really she has a unique looking little bit. She looks she looks normal. She's a cat from his shoulder but the fact that she she's a risk you and she looked normal average cat. I think people can relate to that and we try to use platform to spread love and happiness. I also think it was timing. <hes> she was one of the first <hes> animal animals animals the first but she was one of the first to have their own animal count and I think there was some curiosity in that when people would discover a cat account you know what is this cat doing and then we build out a persona so Nala. Oh has a has a personality online. She's known for being sweet friendly but she's also has a diva personality. At times she has she wears a crowned and a shark cat and I think people connect with her her mood and it makes people feel included. We have a community profit. I know that people with a million followers four million followers get a lot of offers for sponsored posts. Are you doing print ads. What are you doing? We do a lot of brand deals. We partner with a lot of nationwide brands mostly a lot of shelters rescues so we we we monetize from brand deals and then we try to give back through charity work name name of you who you working with Google left. Fresh step <hes> we actually get many litter offers and then we have to figure out which one is the best for Nala which ones are Benthic tour family so we kind of like a guiding star like if we wouldn't use the product ourselves or we wouldn't give it to someone we love then. We shouldn't advertise it. Live nulla lives about an hour from here yeah so we California cat yeah so we say L._A.. Because that's where she's from but we're a little bit more inland Glenn Movie Star Right. She was actually in the movie nine lives with Kevin Spacey Jennifer Garner. She was one of the magical cats there was available for purchase into the store in that movie and he's actually allergic to cats so that was a pretty funny experience France but she did the red carpet for that she did the red carpet for the cats musical nickelodeon yeah kit choice award red carpet she how has all the money that Nell is brought in from brand deals changed her life. We get to use that to help other animals and Inga most important thing for us like higher grade tuna fish and stuff. We make sure that she eat a really good food that base of the best for her always. What recommendations do you have for people listening right now the two hey I want my cat to be famous like now? What what tips do you have be consistent and be authentic? Be Yourself and <hes> build a personality. Because it's what the audience will connect with you can't just say sunbathing on the Sunday like you have to build out a personality like Garfield right what all cartoon characters have personality so it just makes sense that your cat can have one <hes>. I'm so we when we post something we make sure it's voice tone. What would Nala say and then we kind of just been consistent with that and just beyond brand always often does nulla post a new new picture once a day once a day Yup for all those people who are listening WanNa now look at Nala instagram dot com slash now under skullcap? Thank you so much for talking tech with us. These today's businesses of all sizes need an online presence. Whether you're an established name a brand new startup or something in between you WanNa make sure people know where to find you at wicks dot com. You'll find all the tools you need to create a stunning professional website aid. 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