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Not gonna wait for someone to validate what i wanna do where who i am and feel like for so many of us extraordinary ordinary women. We wait for someone to tell us. We're good enough. We wait for someone to say you've got this. We wait for someone to say. Go do this instead of. I'm just saying i've got this in that that inner critic when you when when you made that switch right i mean you had that inner critic showing up. I'm certainly uncertain. It's like it's okay. I'm gonna i'm not gonna do this anymore but this is this <unk> that you made. How did you really hush that the inner critic and step into it anyway. You know i think because i lost it all i had nothing left to lose. I had people saying horrible things about me i i had you know my what i felt my reputation. My ego was crushed to as you get older. At least i'll say hey you know i stopped caring so much a mode other people think and i was more on fire about sharing message than i was being perfect and what i look gleich and i feel like when women come to me and they can really make that shift and realize that to make the impact you're here on this earth to make take you have to be willing to let go of eko and that the women out there that we that we feel are leaders and visionaries generes and and you know leading great movements never once is at about what they look like you don't look at oprah who was told by the way she does not have face as i say oh you know what i listened to her. If she looked like this or he or she she'd be so much more successful. If people fall in love of assault not faces cami love you for that yes because when we when we just show up authentically as who we are instincts can start to shift for us right. Yes and that's <unk> sounds like what you did right. It's like i'm not going to be in that room full of bikini clad models anymore. I want to go be me in your own business then yet the third business but there is v i have to tell you it has been the most fun the most successful the most liberating i asked. I was a single mom for three years. You know it's like i just i really single mom in the mix of all of this like me. I got pregnant at at forty four so my daughter's four now so molina last year. Have i been in this beautiful relationship. I mean it's been in two years but we lived together for the last year <hes> and it was you know i moved out there so inspired living at that time was is growing tremendously and i figured out i'm having a baby. How am i. I have no family around me. Let's do this but it but i have to say it it made me even stronger and my message even clearer and my vision even more bright and yet i was so scared scared of what other people would think of me too so it's <hes> i'm not gonna say. I have a steel wall around me because i'm human but i feel like you kinda get over or yourself and i know who i am and i know that if you don't like me it's okay. You don't have to buy into what i'm doing because i have the right people that do now right so you teach people how to release show up authentically in their business and you call it the it factors that s. so tell us more about that going up entertainment. I swear to god. I heard that word all the time. Oh yeah did she have the it factor yes and and then i remember when i own the agency we had these open calls which every month people could come in and audition for the agency and cami. It was so funny because i really we saw this it factor at play where someone would come into the room as clean as could be right no resume no experience and man they had equality about them that was just captivating and it had nothing to do with what they look like. You're so right and so i remember hearing this. It word and i feel like we all have it like. I get asked all the time you know. Is it something you're born with or. Is it something that's developed. I think it's both i think some people are in just born with this natural <unk> qua- this spirit that you're drawn to i feel like other people can work through the the limiting beliefs and fears that keep them. I'm from shining and ignite it and that's where my training is called. Ignite your factor because when you really understand who you are and i feel like most of us. Don't take take time to figure that out cami. I would say probably ninety percent of people on the planet. I love where you're taking this because i'm just going to throw this in here. You're going to check out this so i talk about building your brand from the inside out so it's like who are you at your mary essence. How do you build your brand from the inside out and my book is called fired answer so there's is the fire were originally yes in. My event that i do in november is called ignite. Girlfriend are literally soul sisters here yes we we are aligned. Yes i couldn't agree with you more. You know it's like yes. You wanna look great. You wanna feel great like i teach people how to dress. You know how to do their makeup. All of those thanks but that is just it's just icing on the cake the cake scott to be good by itself and you have to love the recipe you have to love putting it all together and so it it really is all of that and it's so much fun. It is so much fun when in in seeing the transformation that these women have and it's like oh my got i finally have permission. I finally get it. I in that is just fire right there just so excited and so we work with them yes on what he thinks of the camera he says is our for finding that transformation i get. I think it's a bit of inner knowing. I think it's acceptance. I think it's really realizing what you're great at and not being ashamed or or feel bad when you say i. I'm really good at this. I think women have this tendency should not ever wanna toot their own horn. I can't stay on this. A guy will call him america's best any day right the guy out there and then i also i think so it's it's an inner process for sure but then i think also when you start really seeing the results that you have other people get and you do that enough. There's just the confidence that comes with that where i mean. I have no doubt about it. We're really great of what we do. We're actually pretty or amazing what we do and because i it's proven it's true i've seen it over and over again and i think that sometimes when people are starting a business. They lack confidence because they haven't done the r._n._d. They haven't seen the the results yet and they're still trying to find the message or find the client and i think once you do that and you see a track record of success. Those two things that inter knowing acceptance and then results are so powerful. That's awesome. That's awesome. So is your business. It primarily focused on video or is there. Is there more expansive as tommy. Tell me a little bit about that. Oh it's so much more significant people come into and do us for the video day like that's the front door of our home writing as they come in for like the video training right what we often find cammie when people come into the house is is that they have built a business that is sustainable. They're often working-time for dollars. They're still doing everything on their own. They're so fearful to get support and again. I have been there. I have that t shirts. No we have we comes. We have to cut two tracks in our business. We have have the in front of the camera and then we have behind the scenes you cannot be amazing on camera and put yourself out there and not be able to scale and have systems in automation and teams or you vice versa. You can't have all the systems and team and have no one coming into your business because you're not found anywhere right so it really is this beautiful center g. and and cross kind of like building of the outward and the inward. Yes people don't come to us for that. We don't market that side of the business so much because so many people are already doing that. Were very specialized on. I like your model a lot because is it is break people in in in that front door but it's it's it does take all of that to be able to bring <hes> wholeness to a business sustainability lead to a business right exactly and can i say that most people are trying to market too much. You know i think because women were so multifaceted multi talented i. I'm not kidding one of our clients who i love to death. She came to us as a celebrity event planner iraqi healer and a yoga instructor and i'm like what in her and her site. You couldn't even figure out what she did really like. What how do you market yourself. Like what are you how does one into the other and this and that and i feel like that's kinda. Rare people come to us. Look like here's the whole plate and people just don't even know if they wanna bite yet you know and i think that especially because they're so much content right now in there so how many people online you have to be able to uniquely differentiate yourself and i find that when people come to us they're so afraid to niche down mike mike but that's the only way you'll grow out. I don't know if you say that because nobody tony i mean that's people who are trying to be too many things to you know to to many different people and egypt. You just can't be all of that we can't you can't add good message. You can't have good connections. You can have real strong teachings. If you're if you're too many things to too. Many people and people can't say to you don't know if you're talking to them. You know confused. Mind will never buy so stop confusing think

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