Is Amazon Prime worth it?


Right now. I wanna talk about something so many millions of americans arkins do by wrote their members of amazon prime paying a hundred nineteen dollars a year to be able to have one to two day delivery of items at no minimum to have occasionally access to items that are for prime members only to have access to prime instant video to have access to amazon's no frills not the full frills tells the no frills music service. There are a lot of different things that amazon uses to keep us connected to it. I'm a funny situation and that i pay the one nineteen year for amazon because their series of shows that my family lying loves to watch that are only on the prime instant video service so i'm looking at it as like a ten dollar a month video subscription we order order very few items from amazon prime and so in my case when nobody's really interested in those prime video shows does anymore we're done because there's nothing else that would hold us there but everybody situation's a little different so it clark dot com com. We put together quiz. It'll take you oh probably about three minutes to fill out where you ask yourself alf thirteen questions and so you can just go down the questions really quickly on amazon prime quiz and you just circle your choices says on the thirteen this actually isn't gonna take even said and then you add up the points you come up with based on the answers search and we've got a scale that if you scale above seventy five points on this quiz then yeah it's worth it for you to spend one hundred twenty a year but if you fall below that then this is really money you're throwing down the tubes cbs another thing with amazon to other things you even as a non prime member you hit a minimum order bucket just like you do with walmart walmart and you don't have to worry about being a prime member. You're still gonna get free. Shipping is not going to be one or two days but you'll get free shipping and and so. I think that's really important for you to think about the you don't

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